1. Should I go with engineered or solid hardwood flooring? Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are both made from real wood. The difference lies in its manufacturing. Solid hardwood is made from a solid piece of lumber. Engineered hardwood is created by layering and gluing pieces of plywood that is topped by a veneer wood layer. There are benefits and drawbacks to hardwood flooring. Hardwood is hypoallergenic and very easy to clean. Due to extreme temperature changes solid hardwood flooring is more susceptible to shrinking and expanding. This can cause gaps in the floorboards, cracking and warping. Engineered hardwood is more durable and less susceptible to shrinking and expanding than solid hardwood. It has all the benefits of a solid hardwood floor and then some. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring are great options. However, due to the hot and humid weather common in Winter Park, Florida, we’d recommend looking into engineered hardwood flooring. 
    2. Should I choose a factory-finished or site-finished floor for my home? Factory-finished floors don’t usually offer a lot of variety. Ability Wood has a wide variety of colors and designs for our clients. All of Ability Wood’s flooring is site-finished. We also specialize in refinishing, so we can help change up the look and feel of your old wood floors. 
    3. My room is about 500 sq. ft., but I have been told to order 550 sq.ft. of flooring. Why is this necessary? Some planks will have to be cut down to fit the shape and true width of the room. It’s a good idea to have extra wood to ensure that the finished product is an amazing floor that you won’t be disappointed in. If there are any leftovers, Ability Wood would love to help you figure out how to recycle those planks. 
    4. I have pets, and I’m concerned about them scratching my floors. What can I do to prevent this? As much as you may love our pets and want them to feel comfortable in your home, they can cause some pretty extensive damage to your floors over time. Hardwood floors are great for clean-up, but the scratching caused by your pet’s claws can be quite a headache. Keep your pet’s claws clipped and rounded off on a regular basis. Be aware of any sand or other abrasive materials your dog or cat can bring in from outside. Mats will also help protect your floors. In addition to this, Ability Wood Flooring can help you figure out what products to use on your floors to add an extra layer of protection from scratches. Wood Engineered Hardwood Floors Orlando Florida
    5. Installation is pretty expensive. Why should I consider a pro flooring company when I can just do it myself? Unless you have extensive experience with floor installation, it’s probably a better idea to let a professional handle your flooring needs, A pro flooring company can promise you professional results and more importantly, a floor that lasts. If you want a company dedicated to treating its customers like family, listening to their needs, and has over 50 years of experience with professional hardwood floor installation, then Ability Wood Flooring in Winter Park, Florida is here for you!

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