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At Ability, we are a Full Service Flooring Boutique, we offer the best selection of flooring products, and we are dedicated to helping your dreams materialize in front of your eyes. We’re here to find the perfect wood flooring for your family, from consultation to installation we’re devoted to offering quality service from beginning to end. This means finding the perfect materials and designs to fit your home’s style and most importantly, your budget. We want to make your house a home, and that means getting to know you and your wants and needs for the optimal flooring experience. We’re a family company which means we’re dedicated to treating you like family as well.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier flooring leaders in Central Florida by providing high quality products, unique service and proven expertise to our clients.

We are a family business that offers an array of flooring products and installation options that is paired with a 70-plus-year commitment to integrity, quality, and reliability—now, and for generations to come.

Custom Flooring Longwood

Our Custom Flooring Services

Turning the mundane into a truly magical flooring experience.

Ability Wood Flooring is a full service wood flooring installation company based in Orlando, Florida, but we service a number of other locations including custom flooring services in Apopka, Florida. We’ve been committed to helping families find the perfect floors for their busy lifestyle, personal style, and of course, their budget. 70 years of servicing the Florida area has made us experts in the wood flooring industry. Floors are more than just the base of a home. They provide comfort and style in addition to stability. A good floor is durable and able to stand the test of time, and it has the ability to transform any room. Our job is to ensure that you are able to enjoy all that our quality flooring has to offer while helping you stay within your budget. Ability Wood Flooring offers a variety of materials, patterns, and sizes of hardwood and tile for your floors.

We offer contemporary stone and tile floors, laminate and hardwood floors to fit any budget and any room in your house from the bathroom, to the living room and kitchen. All of our boutique products can be personalized to match your style.

Order a custom flooring product and we’ll set the wheels in motion to deliver the product to your doorsteps. Call 407.422.0169

Hardwood Flooring Apopka

We offer two types of hardwood flooring, engineered and solid hardwood, in addition to laminated flooring. Hardwood flooring Order luxury wood flooring for Apopka homes at affordable prices. Our solid hardwood floors are made out of solid wood milled from a piece of lumber which can be cut within a variety of widths and thickness. Our engineered hardwood flooring is designed to weather a variety of conditions, literally. It can withstand changes in weather temperature and it’s immune to the shrinking and expanding often found with normal hardwood floorings. Our hardwood floorings can help you bring something new and valuable to your home.

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Tile Flooring Apopka

If you have a family with a fast-paced lifestyle, it’s important to have a floor that allows for quick cleanup for spills and other messes that your floor might experience. The last thing that any busy family wants to deal with is a high maintenance floor that requires an extensive amount of time and energy to clean. During installation, we add sealants to keep stone and tile grout debris-free. Our flooring experts also discuss care instructions after fittings to ensure that you can keep your tile floors as mess free as possible. 

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Custom Kitchen Flooring Apopka

Ability Wood Flooring offers kitchen flooring in Apopka products that are built to last. From custom-built engineered kitchen wood flooring to exotic stone tiles, our selections are only limited by your imagination. Your kitchen is arguably one of the top areas of your home that’s susceptible to spills and other messes. That’s why it’s important to have a floor that’s able to withstand the wear and tear that a kitchen is often prone to. We offer hardwood and tile flooring that’s handcut, installed and sealed for comfort, style, and practicality

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Custom Bathroom Flooring Apopka

Your bathroom floors don’t have to be boring and hard to clean. Ability Wood Flooring has a breathtaking selection of Apopka bathroom flooring products, including tile, stone, and engineered wood. Bathroom floors need to be able to withstand its constant exposure to water and steam. Our hardwood and tile floors are sealed to improve the ability to be cleaned easily while avoiding extensive damage to the floor’s wood or tiles. Customizations for bathroom flooring are also available.

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We’re not just owners. We’re customers too. The same products we sell in our showroom are used in our family homes. So we believe in treating our customers as an extension of our family which is to say that we care about our customer’s floor visions better than most floor installation companies.
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