Almost all of the carpets sold at Ability are made of 100% carpet flooring STAINMASTER® Tactesse® BCF nylon. It lasts up to 50% longer than other carpets and stay up to 30% cleaner.

Loop Pile Carpet

All carpet actually begins as a loop pile and the loops are cut during manufacturing to provide the cut pile appearance. As the name implies, cut and loops are a combination of cut loops and uncut loops to provide texture or patterns. Most cut and loops are primarily cut piles with some loops left uncut for patterns; although a few styles utilize the opposite effect. Berber is an example of a loop pile construction type.

diagram of different carpet types and styles

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile constructions can be used in both residential and commercial carpet installations. However, cut piles are used far more widely in residential applications and comprise the largest share of the residential market. There are numerous subcategories of cut pile carpet. Each category provides a different appearance or finished look. The following categories of cut pile can be found when shopping for residential carpet.
 Saxony – Plush – Texture – Frieze Carpet 

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