Choose Wood Floors for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Hardwood floors are pretty low maintenance in terms of general cleaning. Sweeping and mopping takes care of most spills and dust, but this has to be done regularly. You should aim to clean your floors at least once a week. You should also be careful with certain cleaners that could potentially damage the finish on your floors and can cause warping. 

The other thing you’ll have to look out for is scratches. Furniture that slides across your floor can be super abrasive and damage your floor. You should consider using furniture pads and rugs to protect your floor from damage from furniture. PIf you have pets, you may want to consider taking a few precautions before allowing them to run around on your floor. The best way to prevent floor damage from pets is to keep their nails trimmed and keep mats and rugs in areas that your pet visits regularly. Rugs and mats serve as extra protection from pets, shoes, and anything else that could scuff or damage your floor.

If you follow this advice, you’ll find that maintaining your floor is easier than ever. Ability Flooring offers quality flooring installation and offers a variety of services that provide clients with five star floors while making sure that they last. Typically our solid hardwood flooring needs to be refinished and sanded after about a decade. Ability Wood also refinishes and sands floors that need some updating.

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The reason you should choose Ability Floor Winter Park Florida for your hardwood flooring is simple. We offer a wide variety of high quality solid wood and engineered hardwood floorings. Any color, any pattern or texture you can think of, we have it. Not only do we offer the best flooring options to central Florida residents, we offer top installation services as well. We will ensure that your floor is installed properly so that you don’t have to work twice as hard to maintain subpar work that you’d usually get from the other guy. Follow these instructions to keep your floor looking amazing.

Let Ability Wood Flooring Winter Park, Florida give you the wooden floors of your dreams!

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