At Ability Wood Flooring, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to build a luxury bathroom. We serve everyday homeowners just like you in Lake Mary Florida.

Whether your home features a compact or spacious bathroom, the key to comfort is making it work for you.

Why Custom Bathroom Floors – Lake Mary Florida?

Custom Bathroom Floors Lake Mary Florida

We highly recommend customizing the flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas throughout the home to achieve a seamless look.

Many times, the fixtures, décor, furniture, and cabinetry do not complement the flooring. With a complete overhaul of the floor design, you can see a dramatic difference in the look and feel of the space.

In the end, customized flooring is a low-budget way to get an extravagant look.

Ideas to Try for Custom Bathroom Floors Lake Mary Florida

Some of our top custom bathroom flooring recommendations include:

  • Wood Tile Look-Alikes – Get the practicality of tile with the high-end look of hardwood flooring by ordering custom wood tile-look-alikes. As the name suggests, these are tile floors with a top layer resembling wood.

Custom Bathroom Floors Lake Mary Florida

  • Bathroom Hardwood Flooring Lake Mary Florida – Install custom hardwood floors that are engineered to last in high humid and moisture-rich environments, such as the bathroom. Ask us how at Ability Wood Flooring.
  • Custom Stone Bathroom Floors – Shower yourself with the ultimate indulgence – custom stone flooring. Marble, slate, or travertine, for instance, are sure to stand out and dazzle guests.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Clients  

At Ability Wood Flooring, we believe every client deserves the royal treatment and we therefore provide VIP flooring services:

  • Commission Custom Bathroom Floors Lake Mary Florida – In years past, only the rich and famous were able to commission custom products or services. Today, with flooring boutiques like Ability Wood Flooring, we put these services within the reach of everyday people.
  • Book a Personal Stylist – Our newest team member is a renowned interior stylist who can help take your design goals to the next level of sophistication. Most of our customers have their eyes set on a particular design, and thankfully, we can fulfil these customizations without intervening with your penchants. If, however, you need a second pair of eyes to review your ideas and make suggestions, our in-house designer is here to help.

Custom Bathroom Floors Lake Mary Florida

  • Secure Professional Installations – Don’t spend your weekend changing the bathroom flooring. Enlist our flooring technicians and sit back and relax while our crew meticulously fits every square inch of your custom designed flooring. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this service.  
  • Private Consultations – Ask us anything relating to flooring and we’ll draw on our more than 70 years of experience to provide on-the-spot answers.

One-of-a-Kind Custom Bathroom Floors Lake Mary Florida

Whatever flooring design you conceive, Ability Wood Flooring can achieve. Stop by our flooring boutique in Orlando Florida, or call us for a quick quote at (407) 422-0169.