Dissolve stress with beautiful surroundings at home.

In a space where you start and end the day – every day, it makes perfect sense to deck the bathroom out with the best fixtures – and flooring.

Whether compact or spacious, adding custom flooring to complement other features in the bathroom is a simple way to establish a private retreat.

Design Your Own Bathroom Hardwood Flooring Longwood, Florida

Types of Bathrooms and Custom Bathroom Floors Longwood, Florida

Get custom bathroom flooring for:

Guest Bathrooms | Half Baths Near the Living Room | Master Bathrooms | Children’s Bathrooms

Get Ready for Company

Test the Waters Before Buying

At Ability Wood Flooring, we get it: too many options can make your brain freeze.

Wood Engineered Hardwood Floors Orlando Florida

To solve the challenge of finding the perfect floor type, we warm up the process with a shortlist, based on an initial assessment with you.  

We also take into consideration the location when recommending floors.

To prevent damage or warping, we recommend bathroom floors that are resistant to:

Moisture | Humidity | Standing Water | Spills | Steam | Cosmetics

Come and visit us to get the full rundown on custom flooring for the bathroom.

Get Well-Designed Bathroom Flooring

Steamy Options to Get You Started

Try these cool and refreshing options for your bathrooms:

Custom Bathroom Floors Longwood, Florida

  • Tile Custom Bathroom Floors Longwood, Florida – Tile floors are a real-world choice for the bathroom because they meet all the above criteria. This floor type is also versatile, in that it can be customized to resemble wood or stone. Tile floors won’t drain your wallet either. These are budget-friendly – without looking cheap.

A Copycat with Value-Added Benefits

  • Bathroom Hardwood Flooring Longwood, Florida — An unexpected option, new engineering practices have made this choice possible. Engineered hardwood flooring is stable for the bathroom because it’s designed to withstand water, moisture, and humidity, unlike solid hardwood flooring. At Ability Wood Flooring, you can customize this floor type with various patterns, hues, and more.

Deck the Bathroom with Hardwood

  • Stone Custom Bathroom Floors Longwood, Florida

Ability Wood Flooring quarries stone floors from all over the world. From domestic to exotic finds, we offer something for everyone. Plus, customizations are available.

Find a Floor that Flows Well – from the Bathrooms to the Hallways

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Custom Flooring Fabrications Made Easy

For more than 65 years, Ability Wood Flooring has gone with the flow of changing flooring trends. We’ve modernized and renovated our business many times over – to fulfill shifting demands in the flooring market. Here, you don’t have to be a celebrity or big corporation to get your hands on custom floors either. We make it simple and affordable for everyday homeowners - by doing it all in-house. Design your own bathroom floors. Alternatively, if you feel lukewarm about current selections in our boutique, consult our in-house designer for personalized renderings. In addition to designing and fabricating custom bathroom floors in Longwood Florida, delivery and installation services are also available.
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