Want to get the same feeling of excitement when you look at your newly ordered bathroom floors in years to come?Custom Bathroom Floors Maitland Florida.

Customize it to your liking.

At Ability Wood Flooring, we convert tile, stone, and hardwood flooring into masterpieces that reflect your style and character.

Not only do we alter the final design, we also cut floor coverings into a medley of patterns and sizes – to provide homeowners with even more options when renovating the bathroom.

Tile Maitland

For stunning floors that drip with luxury – and without the high price tag, Ability Wood Flooring is on call for all your custom flooring requests.

Custom Bathroom Floors Maitland Florida

Go Glam with Tiles

Order custom tiles for the bathroom – to achieve a sleek and polished look. Ability Wood Flooring brings you true bathroom bliss with custom bathroom floors that either become the focal point of this space – or the glue that pulls the whole look together.

Make it Misty Blue

Add drops of serenity with blue tiles that remind you of gently crashing waves against a soft and sandy beach shore. Or, find alternative shades that mirror your desire for serenity, calm, and peace.

Go for a Spa Feeling with Stone Floors

Get in touch with nature with deluxe stone floors that never get old in the style department. Find a perfect match for your current cabinetry and finishes at our custom flooring boutique in Maitland Florida. We have travertine, limestone, slate, and other popular options of stone flooring, all of which can be customized according to your specifications.  

Add Character with Bathroom Hardwood Flooring Maitland Florida

Try bathroom hardwood flooring Maitland Florida – for a charming and rustic look. From dark and dramatic hardwood flooring to light and clean hues of the same, we love hardwood flooring for this space, because it provides rich and detailed end results. Though rustic in a sense, wood flooring has a way of lighting up our lives with its sophisticated feel. Ask our wood floor installation company about engineered hardwood options that are more suited for the bathroom.

Custom Bathroom Floors that Accent the Space   

If all other surfaces of your bathroom have been updated – except the floors, this area can be quickly modernized with the help of Ability Wood Flooring. Tap into our design skills or sketch your own bathroom floor coverings that bring out your true personality.

Be Bowled Over by the Choices

Custom Bathroom Floors Maitland Florida

Why rinse and repeat the same bathroom flooring designs as your neighbors and friends? At Ability Wood Flooring, we take orders for custom flooring designs in Maitland – and deliver these in days, not weeks.

Find Your Sanctuary

Custom Bathroom Floors Maitland Florida

To create a custom bathroom, complete with stunning flooring, head to Ability Wood Flooring. To schedule an appointment with us, (407) 422-0169.