To personalize your bathroom floors, start at the base.


Ability Wood Flooring has a range of bathroom flooring products to pick and
choose from to help you customize this high-traffic area.

Bathroom Floors That Match Your Personal Style

Having spent more than 70 years in business, Ability Wood Flooring knows that when it comes to shopping for premium flooring for the bathroom, there’s no one-size-fits-all product in store. This is why we’ve diversified our floor covering selections to suit discerning tastes and budgets.

Bathroom Wood Floors

Ability Wood Flooring is ready to work with you in order to find an appropriate wood flooring type for the bathroom. Due to humidity and moisture challenges with wood flooring in the bathroom, please feel free to ask for our recommendations. An alternative to solid hardwood flooring for the bathroom is engineered hardwood. These custom flooring can be manufactured in a finish of choice. Best of all, engineered hardwood flooring is resistant to expanding and contracting like solid hardwoods.

Tiles in the Bathroom

You need a waterproof, cost-effective, and attractive flooring covering in the bathroom. One type of flooring that meets all three criteria is tile flooring. You don’t have to settle for plain or cookie-cutter ceramic tiles in the bathroom either. These can be customized according to your requests. We can even modify ceramic and porcelain tiles to achieve an authentic wooden look, plus install them in a staggering pattern – mimicking real hardwood floors.

Natural Stone Floors in the Bathroom

Natural stone floorings look and feel luxurious. To offset moisture or safety issues (slips and falls), our floor technicians can suggest various techniques to apply. Add aesthetic appeal while improving safety with textures, for example. Ability Wood Flooring’s boutique-style difference is our emphasis on assessing each customers’ needs before making product recommendations.

Refresh Bathroom Floors


Stationed in Orlando, Florida, and serving homeowners in Windermere and the Central Florida region, Ability Wood Flooring has all the floor products you need to start and end your day in style.

We have a wide selection of pre-engineered patterns and textures to hand-pick from and are open to custom requests. With the flooring complete, homeowners can prepare to tackle other areas to bring the whole room together.

Hues and Shades to Match Paint and Décor

When remodeling the bathroom, many of our customers use a “reverse engineering” tactic vs. starting with the flooring. If you already have painting shades and décor secured, Ability Wood Flooring can find or design a custom flooring to match these assets.

Order Custom Bathroom Flooring

Switch off and unwind in a personalized bathroom haven by contacting Ability Wood Flooring for custom floors. To make special requests for custom flooring products, call 407-422-0169.