There’s a saying floating around our floor boutique:

We often say that when the New Year rolls around, we all start daydreaming of new beginnings and ways to refresh our homes.

Home life is a whole lot more satisfying – with sweet spots set up throughout.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And nowhere is this truer than in the bathroom – the one place we all start and end our days.

Find Your Bathroom Bliss

Custom Bathroom Floors Winter Park, Florida that Speaks to You

At Ability Wood Flooring, you’ll stumble upon bathroom floors that exude your style and personality.

And, if you can’t find your true match, we customize bathroom floors in Winter Park, Florida.

Custom Bathroom Floors Winter Park, Florida

Order Flooring That Takes Your Breath Away

The Benefits of Customizing Bathroom Hardwood Flooring Winter Park, Florida

But why exactly should you take the extra step to customize floors?

Consider these benefits:

Create a Space that Makes You Happy

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter floors that have been in place for years and years.

Instead, go from drab to glam with the help of Ability Wood Flooring.

Study after study shows that our moods improve in chic settings. As a result, we highly recommend taking small steps to renovate select areas in your home, starting with the floors.

Boost Your Bottom Line

With any upgrade, you’re adding value to your home. The upkeep and renovations that are done now will pay off when it’s time to sell.

Several studies moreover conclude that when it comes to home renovations, bathrooms makes the list for offering a good ROI.

Custom Bathroom Floors Winter Park, Florida

Float your ideas by us, whether it is custom stone, tile, or wood. Next, we’ll start the custom work and get your project ready – on time, every time.

  • Make Your Home Company Ready – Be the “hostess with the mostess” and get your home open for company.

Bathrooms are a great place to indulge in life’s simple pleasures, such as hot running water after a long hard day of work or play. With custom floors, you’ll get a spa feeling day in and day out.

Order elegant marble tiles or rich and sultry hardwoods that’ll make your guests say: “No Shoes…No Problem!”

  • Serenity – Escape from life’s stresses with a warm and relaxing bath that is balanced with a calm and serene environment.

Our custom bathroom floors Winter Park, Florida, including marble, slate, and other types of stone.

We also have ceramic and porcelain tiles that can be customized to resemble wood. Engineered hardwood floors also offer tons of stability for the humidity and moisture in the bathroom.

Build Your Own Slice of Paradise – At Home

See, everything is better at Ability Wood Flooring. From our bespoke services to our fittings, we do every service as if it were our own.

When you’re ready to make the move – to build a bathroom sanctuary that is,

Give us a call at (407) 422-0169.