There’s nothing like the feel of a plush carpet brushing softly against one’s feet. Carpets add an extra layer of comfort and cushion the blows of noise throughout the home. At Ability Wood Flooring, we stock premium quality carpet flooring from top-of-the-line brands.

Custom Carpets in Windermere


The majority of carpet selections we have in stock at Ability Wood Flooring feature:

    STAINMASTER® | Tactesse® | BCF Nylon

This means that you get a carpet that has an extended life span as it won’t fray easily. In addition, our low-maintenance custom carpet floor coverings stay up to 30% cleaner.

Loop Pile Carpet

During the initial manufacturing process, carpets originally start out with loops. To achieve diverse textures and patterns, the carpet maker will then cut the loops using modified techniques. For Windermere homeowners who prefer the look and feel of this type of carpet, Ability Wood Flooring has a stockpile of high-quality Berber carpets that can be installed according to your schedule.

Cut Pile Carpet

Ability Wood Flooring recommends cut pile carpets for both home and business applications. These come in a wide selection of hues, textures, and patterns. Our most popular include:

❯ Frieze Custom Carpets
❯ Plush Custom Carpets
❯ Saxony Custom Carpets
❯ Texture Custom Carpets

Do You Need Help With Custom Carpet Selections?

At Ability Wood Flooring, we understand that choosing a floor covering for your home or business can sometimes be an overwhelming experience due to the surplus of selections available.

Our flooring technicians follow your lead by giving you room to browse and choose independently without our interference.

Alternatively, if you need advice on the best floor coverings based on location, design, and budget, we’re happy to offer our guidance – and all without doing so in a pushy sales manner. We take pride in being a locally owned and community-centered service Boutique where our customers most often become lifelong friends.

Custom Carpets in Windermere

We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you have a new baby on the way or would like to diversify the floor coverings in your home, we make these transitions smoother as we draw upon many years of experience in the flooring industry.

Get the Right Fit:  Professional Carpet Installation

Fitting new carpeting is a very labor-intensive process, which involves much more than rolling out the carpet and securing it at the seams.

If you have a staircase in your Windermere home, installing custom carpeting in this area is even more challenging. Don’t spend you free time tackling a new carpet installation. Ability Wood Flooring is equipped with the right tools and techniques to deliver seamless finishes.

Carpet Flooring in Windermere

Call or head to our showroom in Orlando to shop for custom carpet flooring for your bedroom, living room, or entire home. Ability Wood Flooring will deliver and install
custom carpet on your terms and schedule.