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Head to Ability Wood Flooring, where we let you pick, choose, and refuse among a range of options. You can also request add-on customization services to make your home more compatible with your style and personality.

Custom hardwood flooring installation is additionally available – and this is provided by well-trained flooring technicians.

Quick Guide for Choosing Custom Flooring in Winter Park, Florida

Keep these factors in mind when shopping around for floors in the area:

Availability | Climate | Price Tag | Style

For pristine and low-maintenance flooring, here are some options that make the cut in our sunny and beachy city of Winter Park Florida:

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Bathroom Floors

For the hot and humid weather residents experience year-round, we recommend engineered hardwood flooring. These provide reliable performance as they’re manufactured using several thin layers of wood that are compressed under high pressure and topped off with a durable layer.  Ability Wood Flooring customizes engineered hardwood floors into different lengths, widths, patterns, and hues.

Quick Facts About Engineered Hardwood Floors

Sand Engineered Hardwoods

You can sand and finish engineered hardwood flooring 1-2 times during its lifespan?

Versatile for Any Area

Install engineered hardwoods in just about any room, with its moisture-resistant features. Engineered hardwood flooring does not experience the buckling and cracking that is generally exhibited by solid hardwood floors.

Vinyl and Laminate Floors

Vinyl and laminate floors have come a long way since their initial launch in the marketplace.

Today, you can find an assortment of high-quality vinyl and laminate floors that offer a luxury look and feel – and all without a high price tag. For example, you can get vinyl or laminate floors that look like wood, stone, or tile.

Quick Facts on Laminate Floors

  • The Installation Can Make or Break the Outcome – Laminate flooring is only as moisture-resistant as the quality of the installation. At Ability Wood Flooring, we never cut corners when fitting laminates, or any other flooring type for that matter.
  • Checks and Balances for Installing Laminates – First, we verify that the subfloor is dry and sealed before continuing further. Next, we make sure there are suitable vapor barriers in place, coupled with an underlayment and tight seams.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Floors

Bathroom Floors

These man-made floor coverings are manufactured using a centuries-old material: clay. The material is baked under extremely high temps, which ultimately creates a durable floor covering.

Given Winter Park Florida’s extreme weather systems, tile floors are a popular choice. Instead of water seeping into the tile, excess water beads up on the surface.   

Quick Facts About Tile Floors

  • Porcelain Tiles – Are available in limited options due to their density and brittleness, which make them more difficult to cut. Three ingredients create the finished product, and these are sand, feldspar, and white clay.
  • Ceramic Tiles – These tiles are extremely versatile because their composition is either white, brown, or red clay.

Wood Like Floors

New technologies in the flooring industry have allowed shifts in appearance for traditional flooring, such as tiles or laminates, for example. These floor coverings can now be customized to look like wood. Choose the species and/or color of choice, and Ability Wood Flooring completes the job in house.

Top Areas for New Floor Installations

Ability Wood Flooring installs floor coverings in:

Kitchens | Bedrooms | Bathroom Floors | Any Room or Space

Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation in Winter Park Florida

Ability Wood Flooring supplies, fits, and restores a variety of floor coverings. We service:

Apartments | Beach Front Homes | Condos | Inland homes | Offices | New Builds | Renovations | Vacation Rentals

Areas of Specialty

Ability Wood Flooring has more than 70 years’ experience completing:


Save time and headaches by delegating the installation of a newly purchased floor covering to our experts.

Floor Restorations

Sand and finish solid or engineered hardwood with the help of our BONA certified craftsmen. Ability Wood Flooring uses an area-exclusive dust-evacuation system during the project.

Change Your Home – Change Your Life

by setting up a well-designed space at home. Begin with the basics: an easy-to-clean custom floor that can be ordered and picked up at Ability Wood Flooring.
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