An orderly kitchen sets the stage for smoother mornings and dinner time routines. Whether you’re a new homeowner in Windermere or a longtime property owner who is unhappy with your existing kitchen floor covering, Ability Wood Flooring brings more to the table in terms of materials, styles, and pricing.

From eco-friendly flooring to low-maintenance varieties, waterproof tiles to luxury hybrids, there’s a range of options to cherry pick from as a discerning Windermere homeowner.

Don’t want a cookie-cutter design?

No worries. Our flooring experts also engineer custom kitchen floors that suit homeowners with really sharp taste.


Popular Kitchen Flooring Options

To help you get an idea of the flooring designs we have in stock, consider:

  • Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles – These hardwearing floor types repel spills and stains. Ceramic tiles are also built to resist heavy traffic day in and day out. With kitchen ceramic tiles put in, homeowners are free to cook up a storm without worrying about lengthy cleanups.
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Unlike organic hardwoods that are impermeable, engineered hardwood is a more solid choice for the kitchen due to its stable cross-ply construction. The engineered hardwood flooring sold at Ability Wood Flooring complement a wide variety of kitchen layouts.
  • Natural Stone Kitchen Floors – Get a well-appointed look in the kitchen with authentic natural stone floors. Ability Wood Flooring has a plethora of stone floor coverings that are both practical and beautiful at the same time. Choose from neutral to multicolored slates, granite, or marble tiles, for example, or order custom stone kitchen floors over the counter at our showroom.

Custom Kitchen Floors in Windermere

Remodel Kitchen Floors

When it comes to making the kitchen look and feel exquisite, a little bit goes a long way. With a striking floor covering underfoot, home cooks get a chance to feel completely in their element.

You Have Enough On Your Plate

Our showroom is a central hub to order custom flooring products and services. Save time and energy by scheduling a kitchen floor remodeling project in less than a day.

How the Process Works? 


  • Stop by the Showroom for Kitchen Flooring Types
  • Schedule a Free Consultation to Get Help With your Desired Custom Design
  • Book our Certified Flooring Technician team to Install Custom Kitchen Flooring


Get a Custom Kitchen Floor

For homeowners in Windermere who need quick suggestions on the best kitchen floor types, just ask and our team of floor care experts will be happy to chime in.

The Ability Wood Flooring Difference

Over the years, the flooring industry has come a long way in delivering more durable and practical floor coverings that are engineered for everyday life.

At Ability Wood Flooring, our family-owned-and-operated business has spent the last 70 years studying crème de la crème floor materials. Meaning, every single flooring we offer in store is a product we’d use in our own homes. Like a prized recipe that has been carefully passed on from one generation to the next, our family has curated a library of resources to help our customers make confident buys.

Get a gourmet-style kitchen flooring today by calling Ability Wood Flooring.

Custom Kitchen Floors in Windermere