From bespoke flooring crests and logos near entryways to personalized floor coverings for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, Ability Wood Flooring helps you set up your home – your way – with custom flooring.

We have the tools and know how to customize any type of flooring, including tile, stone, or hardwood flooring.

How it’s Done

Our flooring technicians guarantee your satisfaction with our precision cut and design techniques. These replicate the 3D renderings we provide for approval before the final product is manufactured.

Custom Kitchen Floors Lake Nona Florida

Best of all, when you order custom kitchen floors Lake Nona Florida, we offer impressive turnaround times – because it’s all done in-house.

Our flooring experts take pride in completing all projects with professional results.

Regardless of your home’s architectural style or flooring plan, we do concept to design floor coverings in a flash.

Customize Your Home from Top to Bottom

Be Your Own Flooring Designer
Ability Wood Flooring gives you the flexibility to be your own flooring designer – without the tools or knowledge required to make it happen.

Choose any trending floor covering available for your custom kitchen floors Lake Nona Florida, including but not limited to:


Custom Kitchen Floors Lake Nona Florida

Select this timeless flooring for any area of the home. Add a touch of whimsy and personality to wood floors with a custom design on either solid or engineered hardwood flooring.

In addition to choosing custom finishes, you can also request custom cuts that fit immaculately in the space that is being constructed or renovated.


Order One-of-a-Kind Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Lake Nona Florida


Get beauty, practicality, and savings all wrapped in one when you order custom tile floors in Lake Nona Florida.

These versatile floor coverings are hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, tile floors can be custom-made with any color, pattern, or cut.

Think wood tile lookalikes.

Unless otherwise disclosed, your home guests may not be able to tell the difference between these and original hardwoods.

Get the Real Deal


At Ability Wood Flooring, the possibilities are endless for customizing floor coverings, including stone Lake Nona flooring.

Custom Kitchen Floors Lake Nona Florida

Select top-of-the-line stone coverings, such as marble or travertine, for example, then tell us the specific design, cut, or layout you have in mind.

Our Orlando flooring boutique, which is just a stone’s throw away from Lake Nona, will gladly provide an in-home consultation as well as installation services.

Find a Stepping Stone for Luxurious Interiors

Take the Next Step

Step up your style at home by consulting Ability Wood Flooring for custom kitchen floors Nona Florida and more.

Quick Steps to Get Started with your Custom Floors

Send Us the Custom Design by Email or in-Person. Let Our Experts Deliver and Fit the Custom Kitchen Floors Lake Nona Florida. Get the Best Stone Flooring on the Block. To get in touch with Ability Wood Flooring, call 407-422-0169