Ability Wood Flooring is a local flooring boutique that offers more than the bare basics.

Our flooring boutique in Orlando Florida is equipped with the tools and expertise to customize different types of flooring materials on-the-spot and without middlemen.

With our in-house custom flooring service, we get a chance to pass on our savings to you.  

Get the Anti-Blueprint for Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Maitland Florida

Custom Kitchen Floors Maitland Florida

If you like to do things differently and dislike cloned designs, Ability Wood Flooring offers the perfect solution.

Ability Wood Flooring is where discerning homeowners go for custom flooring materials that cannot be found elsewhere. Get truly one-of-kind designs that make your home feel special and styled according to your specifications.

Keeping Standards High – and Budgets Low for Custom Kitchen Floors Maitland Florida

Custom Wood Flooring

Some of our most popular requests for Custom Kitchen Floors Maitland Florida include but aren’t limited to:

  • Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Maitland Florida – Shop for kitchen hardwood flooring with glossy hues and intricate grains that are hard to find elsewhere. Also, consider custom engineered hardwood flooring, which offers more stability in the kitchen, where heat and humidity are the norms.
  • Wood Tile Lookalikes – Build your dream kitchen on a budget by covering the flooring space with an economical option – all without forfeiting style. At Ability Wood Flooring, tile floors can be customized to resemble wood, stone, and other high-end flooring materials. In the end, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Come in store for a side-by-side review with real hardwood flooring.
  • Custom Stone Flooring – Get unique cuts of natural stone to flow beautifully throughout this space. Natural stone flooring is a great way to bring nature indoors – in a luxurious way.

Custom Kitchen Floors Maitland Florida

Nothing is set in stone with us. We are flexible enough to take any custom flooring request – and make it a concrete reality.

From old-school vintage looks to glitzy and modern finishes, tell us what custom request you have in mind for the kitchen – and we’ll make it happen.  

You’ve Made A Wonderful Impression Upon Us

Our customers’ commitment to taking kitchen flooring designs to the next level has inspired us to step up our service offerings. As a result, we want to thank you for being our biggest motivators and our main reason for staying in business for more than 70 years.

Our Promise for Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Maitland Florida

At Ability Wood Flooring, we never take your business for granted. As a result, we promise to always serve each customer in Maitland and beyond with the highest quality standards, whether we’re selling kitchen hardwood flooring Maitland Florida; refinishing floors; or customizing floor coverings.

Delivering Smiles, Tiles, and More ?

Order custom kitchen floors in Maitland Florida, complete with delivery and installation services. To order Custom Kitchen Floors Maitland Florida, (407) 422-0169.