Homeowners, designers, and real estate developers in Winter Park, FL choose Ability Wood Flooring first to source premium hardwood flooring and installation services under one roof.

Select Dark and Beautiful Hardwood Flooring Winter Park

A perennial favorite, hardwood flooring looks shiny and tropical – and blends right in with the sunny atmosphere of Winter Park, Florida. Homeowners who opt for this type of flooring can be confident that it is an investment worth making.

Though every buyer is different, hardwood flooring has been one of the most sought-after features by real estate agents over the years.

Modernize Your Home with Hardwood Floors  


Hardwood flooring looks polished and feels luxurious underfoot. In general, this floor covering makes home life comfortable and sweet in addition to bringing out an element of sophistication and charm. Hardwood flooring also boasts hypoallergenic qualities as it doesn’t trap dust and allergens.

Bringing Back the Human Touch

Ability Wood Flooring has been in business for more than 70 years. One of the secrets to our longevity is our emphasis on putting people first. Even as technology changes the way people shop for floor coverings, our team believes that the shopping experience can be elevated with in-person assistance.

For example, if you’re in the market for hardwood floors that are easy to maintain, just visit our showroom and ask us what you need to know. We’ll share our two cents on the spot.


To help our customers in making an informed purchase, we provide feedback on elements like which hardwoods are best for each room. And in order to provide some insight into how we scale the relative durability of hardwood flooring species, take a look at the Janka Scale, where a preview of each species’ hardness level can be found.

Order Specialty Hardwood Flooring Winter Park

Ability Wood Flooring is also available to source and install niche hardwood floors. Our flooring boutique specializes in giving our clients access to custom flooring, including:

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floors | Exotic Hardwood Floors | Hypoallergenic Hardwood Floors | Non-Slip | Hardwood Floors | Texturized Hardwood Floors | Vintage Hardwood Floors | Whitewashed Hardwood

Find High-Caliber Wood Species

From popular varieties of hardwood flooring, such as oak and maple to more exotic varieties like Brazilian walnut, just call us and we’ll go out of our way to find the flooring type you’re looking for.

Get the Wood Species of Your Choice

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Maple Remodel

Acacia wood floors, hardwood floors, wood flooring

Acacia Remodel

walnut flooring, walnut hardwood flooring, porcelain tile, large format porcelain tile, marble flooring

Walnut Remodel

Wood-Look Tile Flooring in Dining Room

Wood-Look Tile

Custom Black Oak Flooring with white granite in Kitchen

Custom Black Oak

Brazilian Cherry Rouge Flooring in Bedroom

Brazilian Cherry Rouge

Custom Grey Oak Flooring In Kitchen

Custom Grey Oak

Copaiba Lava & Porcelain Flooring in Living Room

Copaiba Lava

Brazilian Amendoim Wood Flooring in Living Room Overlooking Kitchen

Brazilian Amendoim

Wire-Brushed Natural Hickory Wood Flooring in Living Room with dogs and flatscreen

Wire-Brushed Hickory

Mellow Oak Wood Flooring in Entryway with stairs

Mellow Oak

Mirage Sierra Oak Wood Flooring in Dining Room overlooking entry

Mirage Sierra Oak

Spanish Hickory Blackhills Wood Flooring in Living Room Theatre

Spanish Hickory

Brown Distressed Maple Wood Flooring in Bedroom

Brown Distressed Maple

Champagne Hickory flooring kitchen, living room and entry

Champagne Hickory

Wire-Brushed Brown Hickory flooring kitchen

Wire-Brushed Hickory

Gunstock Solid Oak flooring living room and dining room

Gunstock Solid Oak

Natural Solid Oak flooring entertainment room

Natural Solid Oak

European White Oak flooring straight view

European White Oak

A Kin to Solid Wood – Engineered Hardwood Flooring Winter Park

Ability Wood Flooring has lived through an era when solid hardwood was one of the very few flooring types available on the market. Just like you, we are glad to see a variety of choices available today, including engineered hardwood flooring that is built to withstand high traffic areas and temperatures.

Engineered from multiple thin layers of solid hardwood stacked on top of each other and topped off with a custom finish, this flooring type features the same natural beauty as solid hardwood – without the higher cost or instability of real wood.

It’s Your Call

From plywood to parquet hardwood, planks to strip wood flooring, Ability Wood Flooring has it all and more.

To schedule a consultation at our showroom for engineered hardwood flooring and other products, call 407-422-0169