Certified for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

certified craftsman wood floor refinishingAbility Wood Flooring has been sanding and refinishing hardwood floors since 1950 in Orlando, FL. It is a service we pride ourselves on. Year after year our sanders are trained to perform at the highest level of the industry standards. Because of this, Ability Wood Flooring has been recognized by Bona to be inducted into their exclusive program to become a Bona Certified Craftsmen.

Bona Certified Craftsmen are hand-picked, proven, top level professionals, trained and certified by Bona. These individuals are devoted to Bona product systems; they voluntarily undergo continued Bona training to keep up-to-date on the industry’s “best practices” and are rigorously tested by Bona to ensure the most beautiful and durable results possible for your hardwood floors. Trust a Bona Certified Craftsman with the largest investment in your home.

The Dust Evacuation System

Want your hardwood floors sanded and refinished but do not want the hassle of cleaning the dust afterwards? Ability Wood Flooring offers you our Dust Evacuation System which differs from the Dust Containment System. In the video, you will see the portable system which is in the same room and only contains the harmful fumes and dust that still remain in your home. Ability Wood Flooring is the only company in Orlando, FL to offer you a cleaner and safer alternative.

The DES uses a powerful vacuum powered by a large engine connected to all of our sanding equipment, removing the harmful fumes and dust generated from the sanding process, and sucking it outside your home into our trailer. Air quality test have been performed before, during, and after the sanding process. The tests show the air quality is better during the sanding process even before anyone walked into the home. The DES is so powerful that it removes existing airborne dust.

To see how it works and to learn more, please watch the video. Then call today to set up an in-home consultation. 407.422.0169

An Old World European Design

In our never ending effort to be at the forefront of offering the newest flooring trends in the industry, we provide a service which is exclusively offered by Ability Wood Flooring in Orlando, FL. We can create an old world European design through wiring brushing and oil rubbing your existing hardwood floors. Please watch the video to learn more then call today to set up an in-home consultation. 407.422.0169