Ability Wood Flooring earned our status as BONA certified craftsmen through decades of practice and dedication to the wood flooring industry.

How to Restore Wood Floors Doctor Phillips, FL.

Our wood floor restoration company offers many value-added features to home and business owners in Doctor Phillips, Florida. For example, you can get:

Dust-Free Floor Restoration Doctor Phillips, FL.

Ability Wood Flooring uses an area-exclusive dust evacuation system to capture dust, airborne allergens, and other toxins during the sanding process.

It ultimately makes the cleanup faster and the home more habitable. This value-added feature is especially appealing to our customers who suffer from asthma, sinus, and other forms of respiratory conditions.

Restore Wood Floors Doctor Phillips, Florida

A Totally New Look – From multiple color choices to never-before-heard-of texture options, Ability Wood Flooring provides you with a window of opportunity to transform older hardwood flooring into modern statement pieces.

Our flooring technicians can even replicate Old World European designs using highly skilled techniques.

Floor Restoration Doctor Phillips, Florida.

Take a Sneak Peek at the Process – Our wood floor restoration service includes:

Leveling the Floors – To remove dings, scratches, and other eyesores, our flooring contractors in Doctor Phillips, Florida use heavy-duty sanding equipment.

These equipment are chosen by industry professionals because results are expedited, blemishes are removed easily, and consistency is a given.

 Restore Wood Floors Doctor Phillips, FL.

To take it a step further, Ability Wood Flooring doesn’t rely on professional equipment alone.

Restore Wood Floors Doctor Phillips, Florida

We take a commonsense approach to floor restorations in Doctor Phillips, Florida by completing hand-measurements and moreover interchanging the size of grits used in the sanding process – for meticulous results.

  • Floor Boards Are Stained – When the sanding is checked off our list, you get a chance to choose a new stain color. Of course, you can opt for a more natural look, too.
  • Almost Finished – Following the initial stain application, three coats of finish are applied. Our wood floor restoration company in Doctor Phillips, Florida recommends leaving each coat application overnight to dry – for best results. This approach provides a lasting shine.

Wouldn’t it be Nice to Have a Change of Scenery?

At Ability Wood Flooring, we make older hardwoods come back to life.

Row by row, we tackle the labor-intensive task of stripping the old stain, leveling the floors, and designing new finishes.

Believe it or Not: Dramatic Floor Restoration Doctor Phillips

At the end of each job, it’ll be hard to believe that centuries-old flooring is just that.

Give us your oldest, most downtrodden hardwood flooring – and we’ll work our magic – by transforming the flooring to look like new.

Ability Wood Flooring restores All Types of Hardwood Flooring!

Including engineered and solid hardwood. In addition, we work with all wood species including oak, maple, and much more. Consult our flooring boutique for a quick quote for floor restoration Doctor Phillips, Florida.

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