Dated homes often come with this understated treasure: hardwood floors.

These are hardy, elegant, and a big selling point in the real estate market.

Over time, however, hardwood floors succumb to years of wear and tear. While over the counter wood floor restoration products offer some value, their effectiveness only goes so far.

How to Restore Wood Floors Winter Park, Florida

One of the easiest and most economical ways to restore solid hardwood flooring is to go with a pro.

Ability Wood Flooring has been in business for more than 70 years and is proud to have earned the title “BONA Certified Craftsman”.

This label is just a fancy way of saying:

Restore Wood Floors Winter Park, Florida

  • We guarantee all finishes last
  • We do floor restorations that are dust-free
  • We offer after-service support
  • We are equipped with well-trained technicians
  • We finish projects on time

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Step-by-Step Guide: Floor Restoration Winter Park, Florida

Our flooring techs complete a series of actions that are proven to deliver immaculate results. These include:

  • Sanding – To restore wood flooring Winter Park, Florida, we leave no stone unturned. Before a new finish is applied, we remove the old stain, complete with blemishes like scratches, dents, and pet marks, for example.

We don’t stop there:

Our flooring techs use several grit sizes that are attached to the sanding equipment to achieve a smooth and level base before moving on to the next step. A heavy-duty buffering machine is moreover utilized to provide professional-grade results.

  • No More Ah Choos! – Many homeowners dread renovations because these activities generally kick up dust.

Restore Wood Floors Winter Park, Florida

Not so with Ability Wood Flooring.

When you choose us to restore wood flooring Winter Park, Florida, we use an area-exclusive dust evacuation system. During the sanding and buffing process, the machine suctions dust as well as airborne allergens. Our goal is to help you breathe easily at the end of the job.  

  • New Day, New Style – When you decide on a floor restoration Winter Park, Florida, you get a chance to choose a new look for your hardwood floors.

Select from a palette of colors that fit your style and personality. Alternatively, you can opt for a natural patina of the wood species in place. Whatever the trend you’re going for, we’ve got you covered.

Three Coats – To keep your hardwood floor restoration in Winter Park, Florida warm and toasty, we cover the stain with three coats of a best-in-class finish. Each application is left overnight to enhance durability and shine.

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Find Your Happy Place: Restore Wood Floors Winter Park, Florida

Bring out the beauty of dated hardwood floors by booking pro floor restoration services. Ability Wood Flooring is a family owned and operated business, with more than 65 years of experience restoring wood floors. We’re constantly seeking ways to improve our service to our customers. To contact us for a consult or booking
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