Is it possible to salvage water damaged wood floors?

At Ability Wood Flooring, this is one of our main specialties. With the right equipment and methods, it’s 100% possible to save wooden floors when you act fast.

Top Reasons for Water Damage in Wood Floors:

Plumbing Leaks | Malfunctioning Appliances | Roofing Leaks | Floods

 Natural Disasters | Breaks in the Water Line

The minute you notice water damage, it’s important to contact a restoration company in order to stop further damages from happening.

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Ability Wood Flooring understands that when it comes to home renovations, it’s better to delegate specific tasks to dedicated professionals. This is why we partner with some of the best restoration companies in Winter Park to handle cleanup. Ability Wood Flooring concentrates on floor restorations to provide the best results possible.

Signs You Have Hidden Water Damage

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Even though most water damage is obvious, at times, this issue grows slowly over time and unbeknownst to the homeowner.

Here are a few examples of water damage telltale signs:

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Swollen Hardwood Floors
  • Foul Odors

Types of Wooden Floor Damage

There are also different types of water damaged hardwood flooring. Ability Wood Flooring’s technicians identify:

✔ Warping – When water permeates through wooden floors, the end result is often warping and buckling.
✔ Crowning – Like a crown, the top layer of wooden floors typically curve upwards when the water hits the top vs. the side or bottom layers.
✔ Cupping – The edges form into a cupped shape when the sides and bottom of the hardwood become soaked with water.
✔ Sagging – Some parts of the wood may slump due to rotted wood underneath.

For parts of the flooring that are beyond repair, these can be surgically removed by our wood floor doctors and replaced with new boards that match up perfectly with the rest of the layout. It will be like disaster never struck home.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves So You Don’t Have To

Restore your warm and elegant wood floors in Winter Park, Florida, with the
help of a certified Bona craftsman.

During the whole process of floor restoration in Winter Park, we utilize a dust
evacuation system to clean-as-we-go.

Mid-Century Modern Restorations

Restoring wood flooring following water damage also provides an opportunity to play with a new look or texture. All you have to do is ask and we’ll handle the rest.

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Our most popular wood floor restoration add-on is the “Old World European Design”, which replicates the old and stately look of wood floors installed in the mid centuries.

It’s Not a Lost Cause – Restore Wood Flooring in Winter Park Today

More than simple flaws, water damaged wood floors presents real hazards. Occupants can easily trip or slip and fall.

Don’t risk it.

Take action and get a quote for professional wood floor restoration in Winter Park. Ability Wood Flooring is based in Orlando, Florida, and serves homeowners in Winter Park and the surrounding areas.

Our restoration flooring experts are on call in
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