It’s common to have to Restore Wood Floors in your home at some point. Hardwood floors are highly valued because they hold up well to daily traffic and provide homeowners with years of beauty, charm, and comfort. Even with these characteristics, hardwood flooring will eventually succumb to wear and tear, especially in homes that are well-lived-in with pets and children running around.

Another common issue faced by homeowners who own hardwood floors is water damage, which may be caused by leaking roofs, appliances, or plumbing lines.

Whether your hardwood floors have water damage or signs of wear and tear, there is a simple and cost-effective way to make them look new again.

Ability Wood Flooring professionally restores hardwood floors in College Park.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Wood Floor Restoration in College Park

→ Step 1: Prepping with Old and New Processes

The first step to restoring hardwood flooring is sanding. Ability Wood Flooring uses specialized equipment, which not only strips off top layers, this process also levels the flooring if there is any unevenness present. A series of different sized grits are furthermore applied during multiple passes of the equipment to achieve a solid and level foundation.

Even though we use state-of-the-art tools, our flooring technicians willingly roll up their sleeves and manually correct any issues that aren’t covered by the machines.

→ Step 2: Sanding Without the Dust

Homeowners in College Park can also request that we attach the sanding equipment to a portable dust evacuation system stationed outside the home – in our company truck.

This system allows us to capture dust during the sanding process, which ultimately leaves the air quality in your home free of toxins and allergens. When we’re done with floor restoration services in College Park, you can come home to a clean home and breathe easy without sniffling all night.

→ Step 3: Buffering and Vacuuming

Restore Wood FloorsYou wouldn’t paint a home without cleaning up the surface first. Similarly, we never stain hardwoods without completing a thorough wall-to-wall cleaning.

At Ability Wood Flooring, we never cut corners when completing floor restorations in College Park. After sanding the old finish from the floors, we proceed to buffering. Our floor techs also vacuum any leftover sand or debris before continuing to the next step:

→ Step 4: Staining in Any Color of Choice

Many of the homeowners we work with order floor restorations to sync the current interior design with the installed hardwood flooring. Ability Wood Flooring can easily stain the floors in hues that match cabinets, furniture, and other interior designs.

Restore Wood Floors

Ability Wood Flooring takes our time when we restore wood floors in College Park to get the job right the first time. We do multiple coat applications and ask that you allow us to dry each application overnight. This extra time spent on drying adds years of performance and shine to the stain.

Restore Wood Floors in College Park

Bring back the original shine of your old hardwood flooring by consulting Ability Wood Flooring. We are wood floor restoration experts and are on-call during business hours at 407-422-0169.