Are you thinking of replacing your hardwood flooring due to dents, scratches, and other nixes on the surface?Restore Wood Floors Lake Mary , Florida

Before making this move, consider a cost-friendlier alternative – wood refinishing services.

A professional floor restoration company, such as Ability Wood Flooring, can take worn hardwood flooring and dramatically transform them into head-turners – for less than the price of new hardwoods.

About Floor Restoration Lake Mary Florida

Based in Orlando, Florida, and serving Lake Mary and the surrounding regions, Ability Wood Flooring has more than 70 years of specialized and hands-on experience doing hardwood floor restorations.

Restore Wood Floors Lake Mary

If you see an eyesore, we see an opportunity to keep a solid foundation – and modernize the surface.

Best Wood Floor Refinishing Methods – Lake Mary Florida

At Ability Wood Flooring, there’s a method to our madness.

Our steps include:

  1. Leveling – If you can feel depressions in your hardwood flooring, this is a good indication that a floor restoration is needed.

Using an advanced sanding equipment, we quickly complete this detailing process with ease. Various sized grits are used to fine-tune the results – providing you with a difference you can see and feel.

2. Trapping Airborne Dust – One of our most notable features is our proprietary dust evacuation system. This is a big hit for allergy sufferers who may be worried about dust allergens following wood refinishing services.

With the dust-evacuation technology, we trap  excess shavings and dust during the leveling and buffering processes, which ultimately means faster cleanups and less allergens in the air at the end of service.

Restore Wood Floors Lake Mary

Even with this added feature, we go over the area with a fine-tooth comb to ensure nothing is missed with a commercial-grade vacuum featuring a powerful suction mechanism.

       3. Staining – Now comes the fun part when you opt to restore wood floors – Lake Mary:

Choose a stain or hue to create a beautiful balance with your furniture, fixtures, and décor. The look can be customized in any color of choice.

Bonus Service Option: Ability Wood Flooring also specializes in designing old-world European designs using a wire brushing and oil rubbing technique.

Restore Wood Floors Lake Mary

  • Final Finish – After the choice stain is applied, we go the extra mile by applying three coatings – each left overnight for best results. From surface sealers to abrasion-resistant coatings, our floor restoration techniques ensure your facelift lasts for many years to come.

Get More Life Out of Your Flooring
Restore Wood Floors Lake Mary

Hardwood flooring features timeless appeal – but like all good things, these succumb to wear and tear. Therefore, we suggest periodic wood refinishing services.

Our flooring technicians know the ins and outs of extending the life of hardwoods, using proven techniques and products. From vintage hardwoods to contemporary varieties, we endorse restorations every 10 to 20 years. To learn more, contact Ability Wood Flooring at (407) 422-0169.

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