Ability Wood Flooring is the right fit for floor restoration projects in Maitland. Here’s why:

We Are Certified BONA Craftsmen

As a proud affiliate of this group, we offer our customers multiple advantages when completing floor restorations in Maitland Florida. The top benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • Leveled Floors – When you want wood refinishing projects done right the first time, go with the experts. Ability Wood Flooring completes detailed steps for all jobs.

Restore Wood Floors Maitland Florida

For example, we don’t just remove the old finish. We go further by completing multiple passes of the sanding machine – to safeguard that the floors are level from wall to wall.

  • No Dust – We use an exclusive dust evacuation system to suction dust during the refinishing process. As many of you know, hardwood floor restorations kick up a lot of dust and airborne allergens.

With this system, the air is much cleaner at the end of the project. There’s no need to contend with dust-storms or harmful fumes that make you feel stuffy, or worse, cause headaches.

Ultimately, we provide a healthy way to restore wood floors in Maitland Florida.

  • Durable Finishes – When we restore wood floors Maitland Florida, we apply three coats of the finish, each of which are left overnight to set and dry. This process adds resilience and strength, so you can enjoy the result for years to come.

As a bonus, you get a chance to change the color of the hardwood flooring. This step delivers truly dramatic results. Alternatively, you can opt to keep a natural look.

Also, consider some of our add-on services, such as the wiring brushing and oil rubbing offer, which replicates the majestic look of Old World European designs. Get more information about this service by contacting us.

Restore Wood Floors Maitland Florida – Water Damage

Restore Wood Floors Maitland Florida

 In some instances, portions of the damaged flooring can be cut out and replaced, while in other cases, a whole room replacement is required.

We agree that not all water damaged floors can be salvaged. When the flooring is damaged beyond repair, we complete a detailed assessment to determine your next best course of action.

Here’s what we do during water damage restorations:

We look below the surface to see what measures are needed to stop further damage.  

We use our traditional floor restoration methods – by sanding and leveling the floor before moving on to the next phase of the floor restoration Maitland Florida project: staining and finishing.

Whether you have water damage due to leaks or natural disasters, Ability Wood Flooring does everything in our power to preserve, protect, and restore your hardwood flooring.  

Get Your Project Underway

Restore Wood Floors Maitland Florida

For emergency or preplanned floor restoration Maitland Florida, get in touch with Ability Wood Flooring. Our wood floor restoration team is available by calling (407) 422-0169.