When your hardwood floors no longer look their best, an economical way to transform the flooring is via sanding and finishing. Ability Wood Flooring has decades’ worth of hands-on wood floor refinishing experience serving College Park homeowners for sanding and finishing hardwood floors.

How to Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors in College Park

At Ability Wood Flooring, our sand and finish process is in-depth:

Step 1: To begin, the home is prepped for sanding. When the furniture is cleared and the walls and doorways are taped off, we bring in our state-of-the-art sanding equipment. One option we offer to our clients is for us to connect our wood floor refinishing equipment to a dust evacuation system located outside in the company trailer. The system captures dust as the sanding is done.

Step 2: The next step is using a tool to remove the old staining and level the floor. If your floors were uneven before, this step is critical for providing a smooth and even finish. Our floor technicians do several runs with this equipment with multiple grades of grits in order to achieve an immaculate outcome.

Step 3: A buffer then sands the floor to remove any leftovers and smoothen the surface. Next, our technicians clean and vacuum the floor. Because we typically use the dust evacuation system, there are no extensive or labor-intensive cleanups to complete.

Step 4: Now comes the fun part: In this step, you can actually change the color of the hardwood flooring or keep the original stain. It’s all up to you. Ability Wood Flooring has a wide selection of stains to choose from. We are also happy to go over different textures that can be achieved.

Step 5: To preserve the stain, three layers of finish are applied.

Benefits of Sanding and Refinishing

Some of the top advantages of sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring in College Park vs. buying new include: 

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors College Park

  • Save Money – Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars on new hardwood flooring when older ones are just as sound. Sanding and refinishing is considered to be a low-cost way to make your floors look new again. Start the process to sand and finish hardwood floors today!
  • Restore Shine – Brighten your home and life by restoring the shine and beauty of older hardwood floors.
  • Remove Scratches – It’s natural for hardwood floors to succumb to wear and tear. Even if you’re extra careful about taking off shoes before coming inside or setting up a list of rules, life does happen. When multiple scratches, nixes, and dents are prominent on hardwood flooring, Ability Wood Flooring can step in to help.

Dust-Free Sanding and Refinishing

As BONA certified craftsmen, Ability Wood Flooring offers a dust-free and toxic fume-free wood refinishing process, as mentioned earlier. Our goal is to complete the job with less interruptions to your home life.

Attention to the Details

At Ability Wood Flooring, we pay keen focus on details. Every square inch of hardwood flooring we sand and finish is detailed to perfection. We make sure you’re 100% satisfied in the end.

Make Someday Today

Don’t put off floor renovations another year. Ability Wood Flooring works fast and hard to make your floors look company ready. To schedule a consultation, call 407-422-0169