If your older hardwood floors are full of scratches, dents, and other eyesores, you may be tempted to gut the whole surface and start from scratch.

Our flooring experts, however, warn against doing so. Hardwood floors are inarguably a high-value flooring solution, because:

It’s Always in Demand | It Holds Up to Years of Use | It’s Rich in Character and Beauty

A practical and economical solution for damaged hardwood floors is wood floor refinishing services.

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors

For meticulous results, always hire a pro to sand and finish hardwood floors.

Ability Wood Flooring, for example, is equipped with the tools, experience, and know-how to take antique or older hardwood floors – and restore these to their former glory.

Learn How We Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors in Longwood

Ours is a multi-step process at Ability Wood Floors.

When you hire us for professional wood floor refinishing services, we promise to deliver professional results. Take a look at our approach below:  Bringing Out the Grain!

To remove scratches, dents, and other blemishes, we begin the wood floor refinishing process with a sanding equipment. Multiple passes are performed with varying grit levels to achieve an ultra-smooth finish.

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors

Transform Old Hardwood Flooring

Breathe Easier with Dust-Free Wood Floor Refinishing

Ability Wood Flooring is honored to carry this title: BONA Certified Craftsman.

This label basically means that we have gone the extra mile to train our service techs. The seal of approval from BONA moreover provides secondary benefits, one of which is the use of an area-exclusive dust evacuation system.

As many homeowners know, renovation projects often mean cleaning up the dust after-the-fact. Not so when you choose us to sand and finish hardwood floors.

This system automatically captures all dust, including airborne allergens. It’s also one of the many reasons home and business owners in Longwood Florida choose us for wood floor refinishing services.

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors

→ Say No to Allergies

50 Shades of Wood Stains Pick, choose, and refuse any stain during the wood floor refinishing process.

After sanding and leveling the flooring, we give you a chance to use a brand-new stain.

Match your current furniture, cabinetry, or décor.  Alternatively, you can opt for an all-natural look.

Note: To provide meticulous results, we vacuum the floors before staining, despite the dust evacuation system utilized.

Who Wouldn’t Want That?

Modern Sensibility To preserve the look after we sand and finish hardwood floors, we apply three coats of finish. Though it may take longer to complete the project, we highly recommend leaving each of these coat applications overnight to dry. This would mean a three-day finishing process. In the end, though, this step helps to keep your newly renovated floors looking pristine for years to come. For the best wood floor refinishing contractor in Longwood Florida,
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