Ability Wood Flooring opens new doors of possibility for outdated hardwood flooring.

If you own an older home featuring hardwood covering, our wood floor refinishing company has the tools and know-how to dramatically change the look and feel of this surface area – without you having to spend a fortune doing so.

How to Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors Lake Nona

Give your space a modern vibe by converting old and dingy hardwoods into brag-worthy designs. Our team of wood refinishers uses detailed steps to get your floors looking new again. These steps include:

  • Sanding

Before we do anything, we complete multiple passes of a professional sanding equipment using varying levels of grits to smooth and level the surface.

  • We Do it All – Without the Dust

Our wood floor refinishing company is the only one in the area with a dust evacuation system. It’s not a fancy term we throw around for marketing purposes. It has practical health benefits for our customers:

The sanding and refinishing process kicks up a great deal of dust and toxic fumes. The dust evacuation system, however, contains the dust, making cleanup easier – and the indoor air quality much better after the process is complete. Even with the dust evacuation system, we do a once-over with vacuuming and cleaning to ensure no debris or dust is left behind before proceeding to the next step:

  • Staining and Coating

In this step, you get a choice to leave the hardwoods as-is in their natural patina – or switch up the look to match your furniture, cabinetry, or décor. After the staining is applied, we run three coats of paint over the surface, each left overnight to promote durability and shine.  

Modernize Your Hardwoods – Well Make it Twice as Nice

Alternate Wood Stains


Don’t want the monotony of same-color flooring throughout the home? Alternate the wood stains in the same room or different areas of the home with our flooring customization services. Speak with us to discuss the details.

Get Rid of Tripping Hazards

If you’re worried about small children or visitors tripping over uneven spaces throughout your hardwood flooring, now’s a great time to order wood flooring refinishing services from Ability Wood Flooring. We’ll sand down all surfaces of the flooring – wall-to-wall – into one even layer to provide you with extra safety and peace of mind.


Recycle and Reuse

Why spend your hard-earned dollars on new hardwood flooring when you can sand and refinish hardwood floors Lake Nona – with the same results? Visit our online gallery to look at some of the past projects we’ve completed for our neighbors and friends in the area.

The Perfect Home Awaits

Run your home like a business by using what you’ve got. Don’t overpay for new-looking hardwood floors.

Get pure hardwood charm with the covering you already have underfoot – for a fraction of the price.

Ability Wood Flooring offers impeccable results every time. To get a quote for wood floor refinishing services in