Ability Wood Flooring goes against the grain by unearthing new technologies and techniques that advance the wood floor refinishing process. Sand Finished Hardwood Floors Maitland.

Reimagine Rundown Wood Flooring

If your floors are scratched or dented from years of heavy foot traffic, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

The vintage bones of solid hardwood flooring can be transformed into a modern gem – with end results that look like it came straight out of a magazine.

Sand Finished Hardwood Floors Maitland – Benefits

With the help of Ability Wood Flooring, you can:

Sand Finished Hardwood Floors Maitland

  • Get Rid of Color Deterioration – Restore the shine and luster of older hardwood flooring with wood refinishing services.
  • Level Out Dents – Make the hardwood floors look more uniform from wall-to-wall. Ability Wood Flooring removes indentations using a refined sanding technique.  
  • Remove Scratches – Walk on floors that reflect your kinship to perfection.

Getting Technical 

The Sand Finished Hardwood Floors Maitland Process

Although we make the sanding and finishing process look effortless, there’s a great deal of processes involved, including:

  1. Sanding – Multiple sanding passes are performed using a succession of large to smaller grits to achieve a smooth and level surface.
  2. Containment – During the sanding process, Ability Wood Flooring utilizes an exclusive dust evacuation system to trap airborne dust. It’s the only one of its kind in the area.

We connect this dust evacuation system to our truck for fast and quick cleanups.

Sand Finished Hardwood Floors Maitland

For anyone who has ever cleaned up after a renovation project, this feature leaves the competition in the dust. If dust isn’t properly contained, speckles can be seen on the end coatings.

For a successful wood floor refinishing project, we highly recommend taking advantage of this feature.

  • Staining – Choose a natural patina or opt for a stain that matches current cabinetry.

Dark hardwood flooring offers a stunning contrast to white cabinetry, for example. Blonde hardwood would also be a perfect match to blend in to kitchens with white cabinets.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely up to you. The wood floor refinishing process enables you to switch things up and get an interior style you’ve always wanted.

Ability Wood Flooring applies three coats of finish at the end of the wood floor refinishing process. Each application is left overnight for the ultimate performance and durability.

When the job is complete, it’ll be worth the wait.

Old World European Design

Sand Finished Hardwood Floors Maitland


Another exclusive from Ability Wood Flooring is our wire brushing flooring services, which replicates stately old world European styles of hardwood flooring.

While this look can be bought off-the-shelf, the cost compared to custom refinishing is significantly higher. Use your existing hardwood floors instead to save a ton.  

Ability Wood Flooring use a wire brushing technique with an oil rubbed finish to mirror a time-worn and vintage look.

Wood Floor Refinishing

To get a complimentary in-home consultation for these and other wood floor refinishing services, contact Ability Wood Flooring at (407) 422-0169.