Ability Wood Flooring is a full-service flooring boutique based in Orlando, FL. We serve homeowners in College Park and the surrounding regions.

Tile College Park

Ability Wood Flooring carries an exclusive collection of tile flooring, including porcelain and ceramic tiles. These are available in several sizes, colors, and patterns. From classic neutrals to tiles with more elaborate designs, we have something for everyone.

Tile floors are great for the foyer, hallway, or living room. They especially look elegant in areas that are well-lit with natural lighting or in rooms with high ceilings.

Another great application is in the kitchen and bathroom, as tile flooring is easy to clean up and highly resistant to moisture. Use these on bathroom floors, on countertops, and within shower enclosures.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Wood-Look Tile

Our flooring boutique has a cool collection of photos of tile floor installations we’ve done over the years. Feel free to review this gallery to get ideas and tips for your home.

Quick Facts on Tile Flooring:

Tile Can be Applied Indoors and Outdoors

Tile and Porcelain is Made of Clay

Tile is Durable

Tile & Stone College Park

Stone College Park

Natural stone flooring brings you closer to nature without you having to head outdoors.

Ability Wood Flooring sells and installs a range of natural stone flooring that helps keep the indoor temperature cool and comfortable during the year-round heat present in College Park. This selection includes granite, marble, travertine, and more.

Just like the tile flooring we have in stock, natural stone flooring is perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Not only do these flooring products look alluring, they hold up well to moisture, heat, and heavy traffic.

Wood Look-a-Likes

Wood tile look-a-likes fuses the affordability of tile with the rich appearance of hardwoods. Ability Wood Flooring has a broad selection of wood tile look-a-likes to choose from, including Brazilian cherry, teal, and oak, for example.

These can be manufactured in various widths and lengths to fit right in with your current or new interior design. Wood tile look-alikes are ultimately a great way to stay on budget without sacrificing style.

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Tile & Stone College Park

With wood look-a-likes, no one has to know these floor products aren’t the real thing unless you decide to spill the beans.

How the Installation Works

The main benefit of delegating the installation process to our specialists is that you’ll achieve a professional finish in the end.

To safeguard an immaculate finish when installing tile or stone floors, our flooring technicians at Ability Wood Flooring ensure the subfloor is flat and smooth from the get-go. This extra step is taken because whatever we’re installing on top is likely to take on the shape of whatever’s underneath.

For wood look-a-likes, these are fitted in a staggered pattern, which helps to bring out the illusion of “real hardwood”.

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Tile and Stone Flooring

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