Tile Lake Mary, Fl; When you decide to upgrade the look of your home, there are plenty of flooring options on the market to choose from, including low-cost Tile  or more ornate flooring materials, such as marble or granite for example.

Whatever you choose to go with, Ability Wood Flooring in Orlando, Florida has top selections of floor coverings.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to customize tile and stone Lake Mary flooring in any style or pattern.

Tile Lake Mary – Classic and Trending Patterns

At Ability Wood Flooring, we have the know-how, connections, and tools to personalize tiles in any look.

Tile Lake Mary

Tile flooring can be engineered in unlimited designs. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Wood Tile Look-Alikes – Get all the pros of tile flooring with a bonus – a real hardwood look. Choose one hue or species; or switch up the look to create distinct spaces throughout the home.
  • Brick Tile Lake Mary – Get the subway or old-school look with tiles that are engineered to look like brick – without the porous or brittle feel.
  • Tiles that Look Like Marble or Stone – If you like the look of natural stone but your budget doesn’t allow for this option, consider tiles designed to mimic the look of stone floorings, such as marble, granite, or slate, for example.
  • Tiles that Look Like Cement – For a polished and industrial look for a home office or workshop, consider cement tile look-alikes. These are also suggested for garages or outdoor playrooms.
  • Tiles that Look Like Fabric or Metal – Ask about the option to cover tiles with fabric-like top layers or a metallic finish.

Tile Lake Mary

When renovating your home or business, don’t miss out on an opportunity to utilize trends that are predicted to last. There are no limits to what you can dream up. Ability Wood Flooring makes any custom tile design possible. Our flooring boutique also supplies a variety of patterns such as parquet, geometric, or mosaic tile flooring.

Stone Lake Mary

Ability Wood Flooring offers a medley of natural stone flooring, which adds a dramatic statement to any space, be it the kitchen or living room. Stone floors are also a popular choice for the bathroom, because these hold up well against heat and moisture – with the right sealant.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Wood-Look Tile

Don’t Forget

Tile Lake Mary

We offer many add-on services including installations and sealing, which helps to preserve the natural beauty of stone flooring over time. As flooring experts, we can gladly answer questions regarding:

  • The Grade of the Stone Lake Mary
  • The Estimated Rate of Oxidation
  • Tips to Prevent Chipping and Scratching
  • The Practicality of Applying Stone Lake Mary Indoors or Outdoors
  • Friction Ratings for High Traffic Areas


Get the Best Tiles in Miles of Lake Mary

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