Serving residential and commercial customers in Maitland, Ability Wood Flooring specializes in sourcing and marketing original tile and stone floor materials.

The Main Draw: Experience Meets Innovation

Ability Wood Flooring has had many defining moments in our more than 70 years in business.

One highlight of our success is the local support we’ve received.

Without you, it wouldn’t be possible to expand beyond our current hometown in Orlando Florida.

Tile Maitland

Thanks to the positive feedback and referrals from our past and current customers, we’re now branching out and placing our services within the reach of neighboring communities such as Maitland.

The second defining moment we’ve had in business is the integration of new technologies that provide our customers with more benefits and choices.

To provide more insight, our tile Maitland company is equipped with:

  • Custom Flooring Machineries –  Ability Wood Flooring provides solutions for the monotony of run-of-the-mill floor coverings.

Tell us how to model your tile Maitland flooring, for example, and we’ll line up the crew to design the end product – according to your specifications.

  • Dust Evacuation System – If you’re renovating your home with tile or stone Maitland flooring, our technicians can sand and level wood subfloors, if applicable, without kicking up dust and allergens.

Our dust evacuation system traps fine particles during the prepping process, making cleanup a breeze.

Tile Maitland Flooring – with Custom Toppings

Tile Maitland

Choose classic porcelain tiles that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Or, take this flooring material to the next level with custom toppings. Standard tiles can be transformed to look like marble or wood, for instance.

Our floor technicians turn basic tile Maitland flooring into brilliant personalized masterpieces that mirror your style.

Ability Wood Flooring’s customization services help you create a luxe retreat on a tight budget.

Flooring goals come alive right here!

Stone Maitland Flooring – Luxury Meets Nature

Select stone flooring that melts right in with the luxury look and feel you’re after.

Create continuity between spaces with the same stone material – or zone each room into separate functions with stone floors that contrast other flooring materials.

Whatever look you’re pursuing, Ability Wood Flooring puts a stop to the chase.

Composed Order

In addition to supplying tile and stone products, Ability Wood Flooring offers professional flooring installation services in Maitland.

Make one stop – and get your flooring project done.

Tile Maitland

Fresh Finds and Top Picks

At Ability Wood Flooring, you’ll be amazed by the tile and stone selections we have in store, including:

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles | Diamond Patterned Tiles | Earthy Looking Tiles | Glass TilesHexagon Tiles | Mixed Stone Floors | Mosaic TilesPatterned Tile Floors | Subway TilesTiles for Outdoor Kitchens Tiles for Staircases | Tiles with Stone Inlays

Take a tour of our flooring boutique in Orlando for prefabricated tile and stone floors. Additionally, you can order custom tiles that reflect your polished sense of style.

Go Artisan!

For a free in-home consultation or estimate, contact Ability Wood Flooring at (407) 422-0169.