Ability Wood Flooring offers a full lineup of tile and stone floors in Altamonte Springs, FL. Having been in business for more than 70 years, we are currently manned by three generations of flooring pros, all working in sync to bring beautiful coverings to home and business owners in the area.

Our operations date back to the 1950s, and over this time span, we’ve adopted new and improved technological trends, including in-house customization services. Ultimately, Ability Wood Flooring offers something for everyone.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

We offer full flooring services, including showroom sales, customizations, deliveries, and installations.

From building a brand new home to updating older kitchens and bathrooms, Ability Wood Flooring provides a wide selection of tile and stone floor coverings to make your home look and feel beautiful.


Get the Tile of Your Dreams

Fresh Ideas to Try – Hot Off the Oven

Ability Wood Flooring features a team of flooring experts who are passionate about all things tile and stone. We regularly cook up new suggestions based on your style and budget. Some of our tried and true success stories include:

  • Wood Tile Look-Alikes – Order budget friendly tile floors that mimic the rich and elegant look of hardwood, complete with grain details. Ability Wood Flooring also customizes tile floors to mimic natural stones like marble, slate, travertine and more.
  • Classic Styles – Go with classic neutrals, mosaics, and standard tiles that offer timeless appeal. Ability Wood Flooring stocks a wide selection of classic designs to pick and choose from.


  • Natural Stone in the Bathroom – Wake up to a clean and refreshing atmosphere every day of the year by installing tile or stone flooring. Perfect for resisting spills and stains, tile and stone floors are both beautiful and practical for all architectural designs.
  • Terra Cotta Tiles for the Indoors or Outdoors – Ideal for setting up a rustic setting, this centuries-old flooring is durable and appealing.
  • Ceramics for the Bathroom or Kitchen Areas – If you want to maintain a clean and healthy home, these classics, when sealed, are recommended for the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Order Easy-Clean Tile and Stone Floors

More Value at Your Fingertips

Ability Wood Flooring is a cut above the rest. We offer:

  • Uniform Batches of Stone Tiles – To provide you with uniform results, Ability Wood Flooring goes above and beyond. We make sure that all orders for natural stone tiles are hand-picked from the same batch. Moreover, we double check ingrained patterns before delivery and installation days to safeguard smooth and beautiful results.
  • On-Demand Sealing and Refinishing Services – To prolong the life of your natural stone tiles, ask us about our pro refinishing services.
  • Additives to Prevent Slips and Falls – Are you worried your stone or tile floors may be slippery? Ability Wood Flooring is happy to offer tips for improving safety, including the application of non-slip additives.

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