Ability Wood Flooring is home to an eclectic mix of resilient and stunning floor coverings, including stone and tile flooring. Based in Orlando, Florida, we serve Winter Park homeowners interested in remodeling or constructing a new home.

A Wide Selection of Tile and Stone Winter Park

If you’re in the market for tile or stone flooring in Winter Park, Ability Wood Flooring has an infinite amount of options to choose from. This is because we’re able to customize the look of the tile in virtually any pattern, color, or texture imaginable and within reason.

The Benefits of Ceramic Tiles


Most homeowners gravitate to ceramic tiles due to its plethora of benefits, which simply cannot be found in other types of flooring products. These include:

  • Keep a Clean Home – Homeowners who are interested in flooring solutions that are easy to clean should consider porcelain or ceramic tiles. These tile products are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Unlike carpets that traps dust, for example, tile surfaces remain relatively transparent. A quick sweep once per week is enough to keep ceramics looking pristine and free of dust.
  • Get a Polished Look – The glaze coating on top of most interior ceramic and porcelain tiles is a noticeable quality that can make the interiors look ritzy. Moreover, the waterproof glaze acts as a protectant against scratches and stains. As a result of this, ceramic tile flooring is perfect for areas with high humidity and moisture, such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  • A Long Lifespan – Ceramic tiles are made from some of the same natural components as the world’s toughest architectural marvels. This includes clay and quartz sand. When manufactured as flooring, the tiles can last around 50 years with proper care.
  • Cool to the Touch – Given that Winter Park experiences a temperate climate year round, ceramic tiles offer a functional purpose, besides beauty these tiles will keep you cool in warm weather.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Wood-Look Tile

Order Custom Tile Winter Park

When you need an affordable floor covering without sacrificing style and performance, consider porcelain and ceramic tiles. Ability Wood Flooring can even generate wood look-a-likes that boast the same advantages as those discussed above. A photographic layer of your choice is applied and sealed and then installed in a systematic way by our team of flooring technicians.

Why Choose Us?


Our company, Ability Wood Flooring operates like a well-oiled machine. Our boutique:

→ Complies With the Highest Industry Standards and Protocols

→ We Source Tile Flooring Products in Winter Park from the Most Reputable Brands

→ Is Recognized by Top Local Boards in the Area

Giving You More Tile and Stone in Winter Park Flooring Products

Whether you’re switching out the flooring in the bathroom or kitchen, or the whole house, we have you covered. To speak us about customizing tiles, call 407-422-0169.