Ability Wood Flooring specializes in wood floor Refinishing using advanced tools and processes. We are proud to be BONA certified craftsmen and a longstanding third-generation business – going on for more than 70 years.

Don’t Spend Your Weekend Refinishing Wood Floors

Sit back and relax while our professionals do the hard work for you. Hiring a professional wood floor refinishing company not only saves you time and energy, it guarantees a meticulous finish in the end.

Steps to Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors Lake Mary

Our processes are simple yet detailed. Having performed wood floor refinishing in hundreds of homes, we’ve perfected the recipe:   

Wood Floor Refinishing

  • Step 1: Leveling the Foundation – A store-bought sanding equipment doesn’t make the cut when you want professional looking results. Ability Wood Flooring uses a commercial-grade sander to first remove the old finish – then level the foundation. Smaller sized grits are used in succession to refine and level the look.
  • Step 2: Prepping and Vacuuming – An evacuation system eliminates airborne dust during the sanding process. To ensure the surface is thoroughly clean, however, a robust vacuum is passed over the surface before we move to the next step:
  • Step 3: Staining – From natural espresso to dark chocolate, or lighter hues such as pine and oak, the staining process provides homeowners with the option to switch the look to match a new décor or interior design.
  • Step 4: Coating – As meticulous wood floor refinishing experts, we never cut corners. We recommend at least three coats of finish, each left overnight to preserve the new look.

Dust-Free Wood Floor Refinishing In Lake Mary, Florida

Need to get cut down the wait time following a wood floor refinishing project? At Ability Wood Flooring, we utilize a state-of-the-art dust evacuation system, which captures all the dust during the initial sanding process. Many of our customers enjoy this exclusive bonus because the indoor air quality isn’t compromised. The dust evacuation system is completely optional. However, it is especially beneficial for individuals with asthma or allergies.

Make Your Floors Look Good as New

When you want to lower the cost of upgrading your hardwood flooring, wood flooring refinishing is a natural choice. Some additional benefits of sanding and finishing hardwood floors in Lake Mary include:

Reduce the Chances of Termites Multiplying in the Home

Transform Outdated Hardwoods into Modern and Elegant Beauties

Feel More Comfortable in Your Living Space

Improve Indoor Safety by Closing Gaps and Sanding Splinters

Increase the Property’s Value

A little home improvement goes a long way, in terms of the style and comfort you experience. From improving the aesthetics to making living feel easy and relaxed, hardwood floor refinishing is a perfect solution for renovating wood floors that have succumbed to normal wear and tear.

Get Professional Results

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors Lake Mary – For a clean and polished look, call in the pros – Ability Wood Flooring is available by calling (407) 422-0169