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Many homeowners in Winter Garden, Florida settle into new and older homes – leaving most surfaces as-is. Some of the barriers to making upgrades generally include time and cost restraints. However, there are many workarounds to these hurdles, if you’re creative.

Simple Home Upgrades – Without Sacrificing a Whole Lot of Time and Money

Sample a few good ideas from home renovation pros:

  • Outsource Wood Floor Restoration Services – A lot of homeowners make the mistake of getting carried away by DIY sand & finish tutorials found online. The result is often an unprofessional look. To avoid the frustration of learning as you go and regretting the project midway, we recommend outsourcing wood floor restoration services to a proficient company.

Ability Wood Flooring offers sand & finish services with value-added benefits. Not only do we use a multi-step approach in order to deliver perfect results, every time; a dust evacuation system is employed to capture airborne dust and allergens during the renovation process.

Wood Floor Restoration Services

  • Ditch Carpets and Replace with Healthier Options – It’s no secret that carpets are dirt and dust trappers. If one of your main goals is to make your family home a healthy place to live and grow, then one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to swap carpets with healthier floor coverings. Some of the top replacements to choose from are:
  • Engineered Hardwood Floors – Ability Wood Flooring recommends engineered wood vs. solid wood for our climate, because these won’t warp or crack when temperatures rise or fall.
  • Wood-Like Floors – Get the sophisticated look of hardwood without breaking the bank with wood floor look-alikes. Porcelain tile floors, and even laminate and vinyl, for instance, can be replicated with top layers that resemble natural wood species, complete with the grain details.
  • Tile Floors – For water-resistant flooring that holds up season after season, opt for ceramic tile or porcelain floors. Nowadays, ceramic tiles don’t have to be plain. These can be customized in any pattern, color, or design of your choosing.

Wood Floor Restoration Services

  • Vinyl Tile and Laminates – Vinyl and laminate tiles are back by popular demand, in large part due to engineering marvels. In the past, these floor coverings had many limitations. Today, though, most are moisture and fade-resistant. Translation: the new durability test holds up.    
  • Compartmentalize Home Upgrades If you tend to get overwhelmed by large projects, try breaking down tasks into small units. A whole home flooring upgrade, for instance, can be cataloged by choosing flooring based on area:
  • Gourmet Kitchen Floors – Ask us about the best floor type for Winter Garden home kitchens.
  • Stylish Luxury Bathroom Floors – Modernize the bathroom into a calming retreat. We have flooring that resists spills and stains from trendy bath bombs!
  • Open and Airy Bedrooms – Settle into a mature and romantic bedroom – with wide plank hardwood flooring.

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