Serving homeowners in Windermere and Orlando, Florida, Ability Wood Flooring specializes in wood Floor Restorations. From floors that have been damaged by flooding to hardwoods that have succumbed to normal wear and tear – we know the most trusted restoration techniques to bring back wood flooring to its natural glory.

Water-Damaged Wooden Floors

When water damage is visible in parts or all of your wood flooring, this can really put a damper on your day. For more than 70 years, Ability Wood Flooring has helped to transform hardwood floors spoiled by plumbing leaks, mold and mildew, and even floods caused by hurricanes.

Our floor technicians work fast and hard to stop further water damage when you call us. For areas that are damaged beyond repair, these can be squarely removed with our state-of-the-art equipment. Next, a new set resembling adjacent hardwood is installed.

Ability Wood Flooring always puts our customers before our bottom line. To ensure you receive full coverage for home repairs, we collaborate with other regional vendors that specialize in restoration.

Maintaining the Floor’s Structural Integrity

Don’t wait too long to call us following water damage. The more time repairs are postponed, the greater the risk of additional damage to the home’s foundation.

Protect Your Investment Today

Homes that feature solid hardwood flooring have been in high demand for centuries. These timeless floor coverings are simple to maintain, hypoallergenic, and easy on the eyes. Based in Orlando Florida, many of the homeowners we’ve served throughout Central Florida have an unrelenting admiration for hardwood floor coverings sourced from our showroom. Sometimes, though, this admiration is short-lived. When life throws curveballs, like floods and leaks, call in a pro that specializes in wood floor restorations.

Restore Wood Floors – Sanding and Refinishing

Ability Wood Flooring restores all types of wood flooring products. Using best-in-class sanding and refinishing methods, our floor technicians convert hardwood floors that look dull and tired, scratched and mixed, or stained and uneven into modern marvels.

To reduce dust and allergens, a dust evacuation system is utilized to capture flyaways during sanding and refinishing services. We are the only flooring and restoration company in the region offering this feature at this time.

About Ability Wood Flooring

Like hardwoods that withstand the test of time, Ability Wood Flooring has outlasted the competition in the Central Florida region. Since 1950, our full-service flooring company has engineered a sustainable business model – built with you, our customer in mind. All of our competitively priced floor coverings are premium quality. And every investment you make with us is worth it.

5 Star Reviews on Wood Flooring Restorations

Whether you walk into our Orlando-based showroom decisive or unsure, we make certain you leave completely satisfied.

Should you decide to buy floor coverings at Ability Wood Flooring, we offer a full suite of supplementary floor care services to help with long-term upkeep. From water damage restorations to sand refinishing services, our legacy is one of being a one-stop-shop, where customers can find all types of floor products and services under one roof.

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