A recent article titled “Seven Reasons Flooring Salespeople Cut Their Price” published in National Wood Flooring Association’s: Hardwood Floors Magazine gives credence to two old adages,  “You get what you pay for.” and “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Any current or future homeowner in the market for hardwood flooring should weigh not only risks vs rewards of purchasing discount-priced flooring, they should also consider some of those most common reasons WHY the flooring was discounted! As always, our goal in this blog is to equip consumers with a wider knowledge-base to evaluate flooring service providers and products. NWFA is a leading authority on hardwood flooring quality assurance, which is an important fact to remember as you read through each reason.

Since the magazine’s core audience consists of flooring professionals, we decided to provide you, the consumer,  additional insight regarding three of the seven reasons.

Below is a list of our thoughts and comments regarding Reason #2, Reason #4 and Reason #7.

Reason #2 : Mixed management signals: “When management tells the salesperson to get the order at any price – not to lose it – they are giving the salesperson permission to discount as heavily as needed. When management stresses volume over profitability, they are giving tacit permission to cut the price. To be a value-added organization, management must have the courage to hold the line on price. Salespeople are guided by the management team’s action more than their words.” – Hardwood Floors Magazine

Our thoughts and comments on Reason #2: The scenario mentioned in Reason #2 is a good example of the difference between  flooring “Boutiques” and flooring ” stores.”  The focus of flooring “stores” is not on customer service as much as it is on sales quotas. When working in your home, the installers’ focus may be more on getting the job done to move on to the next one (quantity); they may not pay attention to detail, rush through your job, and not respect your property (quality).  At Ability, we are a Full Service Flooring Boutique, we offer you the best selections of products and personalized attention from beginning to end. From the moment you first contact us, during, and after your project. We take the time to get to know you as a person and to find out your wants and needs. Then we help by finding the floors of your dreams that fit the most important budget, yours!

Reason #4: Lack of Conviction: “If salespeople do not understand the value in their proposition, they will fail to convince the customer of its worth.”

Our thoughts and comments on Reason #4:  As family owned and operated flooring business  with a legacy that carries more than 69 years of experience and expertise, we understand the value of high-quality flooring. Experience matters.  We are proud to say that we still install quality floors for many of Florida’s top builders and designers, and many of those Orlando homes have been featured in the “Parade of Homes”, an annual event that showcases the best high-end designer homes for both new construction and remodeled homes. If you live outside of the central Florida area, we recommend that you search for a flooring installation company with a long history of customer satisfaction and testimonials that attest to the company’s expertise and the quality of their product and service. If you read testimonials from our customers, you’ll notice those same strengths mentioned.

Reason #7: Bad Attitude: “Attitude drives behavior. If salespeople embrace a negative attitude about price, they’re more likely to cut their price. Some salespeople will tell themselves, ‘Price is the only thing that sells in our industry’ or “I sell a commodity and we have to match the competition.”

Our thoughts and comments on Reason #7: This reason could also be described as “Bad priorities.” If your company prioritizes quantity over quality , then you’re already setting the customer up for failure, because you don’t have their best interests in mind. When you evaluate a flooring professional, ask yourself what the company emphasizes when you interact with their staff, visit their website or see one of their advertisements. If you see more of an emphasis on beating a competitor’s price than providing high-quality service and product, then you know that the company operates from a mindset that is based on misplaced priorities.

To see all seven reasons listed in Hardwood Floors Magazine, see their entire article at Hardwoodfloorsmag.com/2019/06/03/seven-reasons-salespeople-cut-price/