Wood floor refinishing is an economical way to get more life out of older hardwood flooring. Whether you’ve owned your hardwoods for 10 years or it’s been in place for more than a century, Ability Wood Flooring has state-of-the-art tools and hands-on experience to transform this floor covering from wall to wall – and room to room with our Sand and Finish Restoration services.

How It’s Done: Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors Bay Hill 

Our wood floor refinishing technicians use a methodical approach to get things done:

Sand & Finish Bay Hill

  • First: The area is prepped and sanded off, with the main goal of leveling the entire space. This step eliminates dents, nixes, scratches, or any other blemishes present on the existing surface of the hardwood flooring.
  • Second: In order to establish a solid and even foundation, the sanding process is performed in multiple phases with different levels of grits. Before we even move forward with the next step, you can see the difference when this process is complete.
  • Third: The cleanup is finalized, which is expedited given that our technicians use an exclusive dust evacuation system. This is equipped and hooked up to our trailer at the start of the work order, in order to eradicate airborne dust. It’s perfect for allergy sufferers and cuts the cleanup time in half.
  • Fourth: Finally, customers who opt for Ability Wood Flooring to sand and finish their hardwood floors in Bay Hill can also choose a new stain or keep the old one. Three coats of finish are applied to ensure the maximum durability. In most cases, each coat is left overnight to provide the best possible results. Examples of stains include:

Sand & Finish Bay Hill

→ Ash    → Cherry    → Mahogany    → Maple    → Pecan

→ Pine    → Red Oak    → Walnut    → White


This is not an exclusive list. Ability Wood Flooring specializes in custom flooring. Tell us what you prefer and we’ll work hard to bring your visions to life.

Bonus: Old World European Design


If you revere the look of old world European craftsmanship or antique hardwood floors of yesteryear, our flooring technicians can skillfully replicate this style of design using tools and methods such as:

  • → Wire Brushing
  • → Oil Rubbing

The Bona Certified Advantage

Did you know that Ability Wood Flooring has been in business for more than 50 years? Serving Bay Hill and the surrounding area for more than three generations, we are Bona Certified Craftsmen offering a five-point advantage.Sand & Finish Bay Hill

In a nutshell, this certification means that we have been hand-selected by the well-respected Bona brand. We are licensed and insured, and work hard to provide beautiful and durable finishes in every home we serve.

More details about the Bona difference can be found here.

Sand and Finish Hardwood Floors Bay Hill

Transform your home into a beautiful haven, starting with the flooring. If you own hardwood flooring in Bay Hill, our wood floor refinishing technicians promise to meet and exceed your expectations.

Wood Floor Refinishing for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Get rid of unsightly blemishes and come home to clean and pristine hardwood flooring that shines. Ability Wood Flooring serves homeowners and businesses in Bay Hill and the surrounding area. To learn more, Call us at (407) 422-0169