Over our 65-year history in the flooring marketplace, Ability Wood Flooring has seen our fair share of hit and miss consumer trends.

The latest wave that came crashing to our shores is the tide of social media influencers who share what they think is best or unwise to purchase.

We are always open to new ideas and share the belief that some trends should be embraced vs. dismissed.

When you hop on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, for example, consumer sharing is on overdrive. Viewers gain insight into real-world experiences with products and services that have been used on a personal level.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Shopping for Custom Wood Flooring and Wood Floor Installation Services

To make the most informed purchase, we recommend combining online research with in-person investigations.

The main benefit of doing so is avoiding buyer’s regret.

Our flooring experts have composed a handful of questions to ask when shopping for custom wood flooring:

Custom Wood Flooring

Question 1: Is Solid or Engineered Better?

Solid hardwood is a sound choice for upgrading any type of space. However, it has many drawbacks, especially in our Florida climate. These are namely the risks of cracking, warping, and buckling. For these reasons, we highly recommend going with engineered hardwood if you live in Orange County Orlando Florida.  

Question 2: Should I Choose A Factory-Finished or Site-Finished Floor?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Off-the-shelf products are great if you don’t mind neutral designs that can be found in many other homes. If, however, you want a more personalized look and feel – or a design that mirrors your personality, site-finished floors are best. Ability Wood Flooring offers customization services that are done on-site.

Question: 3: When I Ask for a Custom Wood Flooring Estimate, I Am Told to Order 50-100 Square Feet More Than My Room Size. Why is This?

During the wood floor installation process, many of the wood planks will be cut to size the room. Extras, therefore, give you the best fit and end results. To reduce waste, ask Ability Wood Flooring how leftovers can be recycled.

Custom Wood Flooring

Question 4:  What Can I Do to Prevent My Dogs or Cats from Scratching My Custom Wood Flooring?

To prevent scratches on beautiful hardwood floors when you have pets, one simple must-do is to have their nails clipped every 4-6 weeks. Many dog grooming shops offer these services and make it fun and safe for your pets. An extra layer of protection can be added by applying specific products. Ask us how at Ability Wood Flooring.

Question 5: I Can Save a Lot of Money by Installing Custom Wood Flooring Myself? Is a Pro Really Necessary?

Even though many DIY tutorials offer simple explanations on how to install wood floors on your own, if you want professional looking results, it’s best to work with a reputable wood floor installation company. Ability Wood Flooring offers satisfaction guarantees and many benefits, including a dust evacuation system, if you’re refinishing for instance.

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