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Dark Hardwood Floors

15 trendy hardwood floors among wood flooring companies

The battle between light versus dark extends far beyond superhero films. There’s a trend that’s been taking wood flooring companies by storm, and that’s light and dark hardwood flooring. The comparison may seem rudimentary, but here’s why these colors on both ends of the spectrum are having a moment. Let’s start with recognizing dark hardwood. Dark stained colors like espresso or a deep, dark walnut are very rich shades that basically scream luxury and wealth. They demand attention in any space and work best with a room that isn’t super busy with decorations. This trend is very popular among many wood flooring companies and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2021. Ability Wood’s showroom features a number of top wood manufacturers who specialize in a variety of shades including dark stained hardwood: Mirage, Hearthwood, Greyne Company, Cala, and many more. Check out all of our showroom manufacturers here.

Very Light Floors

custom flooring 7.5 reclaimed wire brushed oak (16)

On the other end of the spectrum, we have light hardwood floors. This can also be considered “blonde” flooring, Lighter flooring options include wood types like white oak and bamboo. What makes this floor so great is that it opens up space. It makes a room seem larger than what it might be. Plus, it presents a fresh look that brightens up a room and even appears cleaner. Light floors have had its ups and downs with being a standard option for floors. Today, there are so many styles of light hardwood and special patterns that switch things up, that’s why it will still be a popular option stepping into the new year. Our flooring installers make it their responsibility to help customers find the right floors for them. That means you’ll definitely find more than one light hardwood flooring option with us. 


Gray hardwood has become so popular over the past few years. It’s not a standard color for hardwood floors. However, it’s quite beautiful, and most importantly it’s a pretty muted color. Gray is a very cool shade, and it’s not super vibrant which makes it the perfect blank canvas for homeowners to decorate however they’d like. Because the color is so neutral, it pairs well with virtually any other color from your furniture and decor.


College Park Flooring Services

Yes, this type of hardwood flooring is just as interesting as its name. If you haven’t guessed it, “greige” is a cross between gray and beige hardwood. Greige flooring is the perfect mix of warm and cool tones which also makes this a less conventional hardwood flooring option. It’s semi-neutral. There’s the cool gray color that presents itself with these hardwood floors, but it also has a warmer hue from the brown-beige coloring of the wood. Think of pale driftwood. It’s also a great option for people who enjoy placing a pop of color elsewhere. You still get the luxury of a quality hardwood floor without it overshadowing the other colors found in your home. 


custom flooring 7.5 reclaimed wire brushed oak (16)

Blonde hardwood is less of a trend as it is a staple in many homes. It’s a classic that hasn’t really gone out of style. Traditionally, blonde hardwood floors are made from red oak wood, but there are many other options to try including birch, white oak, and even bamboo. The beautiful bright color opens up a room, making it perfect for homes with smaller rooms. Ability Wood is one of a few wood flooring companies in the Central Florida area that offers a variety of blonde wood flooring.


trendy Hardwood Floors

Much like a good pair of whitewashed jeans, whitewashed floors are vibrant and lively. Unlike white washed jeans, whitewashed floors will probably still be in style in 2021. This hardwood flooring type gives off major beach vibes, so it’s obviously really popular among coastal area homes.

Variation Wood Flooring

French White Oak Multi-width Engineered Flooring

Variation wood flooring is actually pretty niche. It mixes a variety of hardwood, widths, and stains to give floors an eclectic look. The contrast between light and dark wood creates an abstract floor. Its unique pattern and combination of various hardwood make this flooring a real eye-catcher. 

Natural finish/Matte looks

Custom Wood Flooring Orlando 7 Hand Scraped Hickory

Matte floors can get a bad rep sometimes for being boring and flat, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Natural floors can be very elegant, and matte floors can still be warm and durable at the same time. It’s the subtle beauty of these floors that makes them prime candidates for hardwood floor trends entering into 2020. 

Distressed and Handscraped

Custom Wood Flooring Orlando 7 Hand Scraped Hickory

Another really popular trend is distressed and hand-scraped hardwood. This can be done by a manufacturer or some wood flooring companies will scrape the floors by hand. Some flooring stores offer pre-scraped hardwood. The wear can vary from light to heavy scraping and scooping. It’s possible to even purchase wood that’s naturally blemished with grooves and wormholes. Distressed hardwood is the tasteful way to give your floors a rustic, weathered look, and it amps up your home’s value. It’s also part of what makes the floor look so expensive. 

Environmentally Friendly

custom flooring 7.5 reclaimed wire brushed oak (16)

Reclaimed wood, eco-friendly wood stains, sustainable flooring. There’s more to “thinking green” than eating healthy and recycling. Every year people grow more environmentally conscious, and that means there’s a need for ecofriendly flooring and accessories. A very popular sustainable flooring option is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is an awesome flooring choice because it is saving the environment but it also gives you a floor with history. The wood comes from older structures that have been worn down or destroyed, and it’s repurposed for hardwood flooring. Other eco-friendly floor materials include bamboo and cork. There are also wood stains that are free of harmful chemicals. Wood flooring companies have heeded the call for more eco-friendly flooring options. For homeowners who want stylish floors while saving the environment, 2020 presents a lot of eco-friendly floor options.  

Satin Finish

Custom Black Oak Flooring in Dining Room and Living Room

A satin finish is a cross between gloss and matte finishes. So there’s definitely some shine there, but not too much. This flooring option has been popular for a few years now, and it definitely could continue into 2020. 

Unique floor patterns (herringbone, angled, wide plank)

Hardwood Floor Medallion

There’s more to a trendy floor than shades. What about popular hardwood floor patterns, and plank size? Herringbone has an interesting shape akin to zigzags. It’s not as expensive because it does not have to be manufactured. The wood isn’t precut; they’re just installed in a pattern. The design is made by taking full-length planks and laying them at 90-degree angles across the floor. It’s a more cost-effective option but it’s also very beautiful. Diagonal/angled floors are popular because they change the vibe and shape of a room. Outside of standard floor planks, wide plank floors have become very popular. Then there’s mixed width flooring that seems pretty complicated to assemble, but the finished product is unique and beautiful. Floor patterns are in because there’s so much potential to create something that’s never been done before. This is why it’s made the list. It’s a forever trend. 

Engineered Wood

Many wood flooring companies offer engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood is made of layered solid wood, plywood, and veneer wood layers. The floors last longer and are less susceptible to shrinking and expanding during extreme weather, unlike regular hardwood. They’re easier to clean too!

Onsite Finish

Maple Flooring

One of the reasons onsite finished wood has become so popular is because it causes fewer problems than prefinished hardwood. Each plank of prefinished wood has been sanded and finished with a hard acrylic layer in a factory. Because each plank is already finished, it causes grooves and spaces between the floorboards. It can be quite noticeable, and a pain to deal with while cleaning. Onsite finished boards are assembled, sanded, and finished once the boards have been installed. When the entire floor is sanded and finished at one time, you don’t have to worry about uneven flooring and cracks between floorboards. It looks neater and more practical than prefinished floors. Plus these floors can always be sanded and refinished every couple of years. If you’re in the Orlando, Florida area, and you’re looking for wood flooring companies that offer onsite finish, contact Ability Wood. Ability Wood Flooring specializes in onsite sanding and finishing, and we also provide refinishing services.

Hardwood Everywhere!

Hardwood Flooring

Carpet can become dingy and dirty over time. It makes your floors unsightly, and it’s not a good option for people with allergies and pets. Unlike hardwood, carpet is very hard to revive once it has lost its luster. Outside of maintenance, many hardwood floors are hypoallergenic so the wood doesn’t trap dust as easily as carpet. It’s definitely easy on the allergies and the eyes.

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