If you’re looking to sell your home, wood floor restoration may seem like a huge undertaking. After all, what’s the point of investing in a home upgrade, when you’re almost out the door?

Your realtor may have recently advised you to book a hardwood floor refinishing service. And we’re here to tell you that they’re on to something!

Buyers Love Hardwood Floors

Wood Floor Restoration

One of the top must-haves on prospective buyers’ checklists is hardwood flooring. This floor covering is highly sought after because:

It’s Super Simple to Clean – Regular Vacuuming and Light Mopping Is All That’s Needed

It’s Hypoallergenic – Hardwood Floors Do Not Trap Dirt and Dust as Carpets Do

It’s Beautiful to Look at and Walk On – Hardwood Floors are Naturally Charming

Hardwood Floors Make Homes Sell Faster in Orange County Orlando Florida

Ultimately, your hardwood floors can offer a huge vantage point, that is, if they are in good shape. If your floors have water damage, scratches, or other blemishes, a simple wood floor repair can help you get your home off the market in weeks vs. months or years.

The small investment you make doing a wood floor restoration now, pays dividends in the end, allowing you to list and sell at a much higher price point.

Still not convinced?

Get in touch with a local and reputable realtor to run the numbers based on their history and experience.

Change the Sheen with Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Restore Wood Floors Bay Hill

Say you have hardwood flooring that’s in pretty good shape. Is wood floor restoration even necessary?

The answer depends on what trend is hitting the interior design market. Hardwood floor refinishing offers the opportunity to strip the current sheen and start afresh with a brand-new color.

If lighter or darker hues are preferred amongst buyers in your area, a wood floor restoration should be considered before listing. Just be sure to snap and upload updated photos after the sand and finish job is done.  

Get Wood Floor Restoration After Shredding Carpets

Did you or a previous homeowner install carpets over hardwood floors?

Unveil the hidden beauty by getting rid of the carpets. Be sure to refine any blemishes with the help of a wood floor repair company – like Ability Wood Flooring.

Our wood floor repair company gets rid of water damage, pet scratches, unevenness, and many other eyesores. We use proven and tested techniques to give prospective sellers best results. In addition, a dust evacuation system is used for all hardwood floor refinishing projects, to reduce dust and allergens that often come with the territory of a home renovation.

After the initial sanding is complete, the natural patina of the hardwood is left bare. You can leave this as-is or apply a color that is in demand. We can even texturize the hardwood to give an aged or weathered look.

Are You Sold on the Idea of a Wood Floor Restoration – Before Selling?

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Contact Ability Wood Flooring at (407) 422-0169.