At Ability Wood Flooring in Orlando, FL, we are committed to providing our customers the newest products and services in the hardwood flooring industry. Most of our customers are Orlando homeowners who have existing solid hardwood floors and would like us to refinish them. You know, sand, stain then finish the wood floors. They ask for this service because they feel that refinishing their floors is the only option. Even though this is a timeless and classic look, homeowners would like to have the new popular and trendy designs without purchasing new wood floors. I would like to share with you a popular look which our designers are using in new custom homes.  The design of the hardwood floor has a wider plank (7”) with an oil rubbed finish (not shiny). But what’s unique about these floors are the way they are sculpted. They are not hand-scraped or distressed. They are wire brushed and multi-colored to give the entire floor a new design which represents the antique designs found in Europe from centuries ago.

Ability Wood Flooring Orlando FL

Old World European Design

Ability Wood Flooring has the skill, knowledge, and talent to provide our customers, with existing floors, this design for a fraction of the price. In Orlando, FL, this service is exclusively offered through us and we use our Dust Evacuation System to eliminate the dust created by the machines (another service exclusively offered through us).
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Creating An Old World European Design