This week’s blog we are going to talk about a question we received from a dog lover with wood floors. We find this question to be a frequently asked concern about Hardwood Maintenance. So below is what Vanessa wrote about her experience with us!

Hardwood Maintenance when Having Dogs/PetsI have a black Pug named Chunky Monkey. I love my dog to the moon and back, he’s my companion, and he’s always happy. He had all this energy and so much to give. However, as much as I love him, when it comes to keeping the house clean, having a dog makes it challenging. I’m talking about the hair floating around and the constant going outside then coming back inside with dirt and smelling stinky.  Recently, we got hardwood floors at home. They are beautiful and need special care, even more when you have a Pug bouncing around the house.  I asked the experts of Ability Wood Flooring about what they do when it comes to dogs and woodfloors, and this is what they told me:

  • Have your dog’s nails routinely clipped and filed. It will help your dog walk more on their pads and keep them from slipping.
  • Place their food and water bowls on mats and in rooms of the house where there are not wood floors, ideally tile floors. The dog mats also catch most spills.
  • Clean your floors on a regular basis, this is a good habit to get into  even when you don’t have wood floors or have dogs. However, your dogs can and will bring in sand from outside. Sand is the wood floors worst enemy! It will wear away the finish faster.

Thanks Ability!

Hardwood Maintenance when Having Dogs/PetsWe are happy to have helped Vanessa enjoy her new floors with Chunky Monkey. For more info, be sure to check out our past blogs about Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors.

Those were just a few tips for dog lovers. In our next blog, we will be talking about what types of floors to choose, that can be a little more dog friendly.

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